you only have a few days left to see this very good film

you only have a few days left to see this very good film

Watchmen: Guardians will soon disappear from the Netflix catalog. You only have a few days left to see it or see it again.

Netflix is ​​doing its spring cleaning. Subscribers know that all non-original productions on the platform are not intended to remain in its catalog indefinitely. Regularly, certain feature films disappear from its shelves, even though you have added them to your lists. This time, we warn you in advance, you only have a few days left to see or see again Watchmen: The Guardians.

Before exploring the DC universe in the cinema, Zack Snyder had already made a foray into the side of heroes in capes and tights. The filmmaker adapted watch mengraphic novel by Alan Moore released in 1986. He was also not the only one to have considered the question since Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream) and Paul Greengrass (The death in the skin) had attempted to make it under the Warner Bros. banner.

Zack Snyder is finally the only one to convert the test. A true critical triumph, watch men will quickly establish itself as one of the best films of the genre. All of the director’s talent for narrative construction and staging is put to use in this social critique of 1980s America, with black humor and rare beauty.

“On the eve of nuclear war, a masked vigilante uncovers a conspiracy targeting him and other superheroes after a former teammate is murdered.”

A fascinating incursion into a universe that is just as fascinating, which should not be missed. On the home screen of the platform, we can indeed see that it should disappear next April 14. For some time, Netflix has been adding a banner to films that will soon be leaving its catalog, just to warn its subscribers who have not yet had time to discover it.

However, she still avoids proclaiming it loud and clear. If you haven’t recently visited the page of a movie you wanted to see, you could be fooled.

Note also the imminent disappearance of My unclea masterpiece by Jacques Tati which will leave the catalog on April 30 next. This obviously applies to all of the director’s films hitherto offered on Netflix. Mr. Hulot’s vacation and play time will no longer be visible at the end of the month.

A feature that is desired

It’s rather frustrating to add a movie to your list and see it suddenly disappear when you’ve finally decided to watch it. If Netflix has many practical features to its credit, others are sorely lacking.

For example, we would like Netflix to notify us when a film that is about to disappear is present in our list, or simply if it is the sequel to a film that we have watched and enjoyed. In the meantime, you will need to keep an eye on your favorite movies and series, to know the duration of your reprieve.

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