With an insolent price, this mobile plan is a monumental cardboard

With an insolent price, this mobile plan is a monumental cardboard

You can reduce the cost of your mobile plan by several tens (even hundreds) of euros per month. Below is an offer that can help with this.

While the purchasing power of the French continues to deteriorate (and inflation has something to do with it…), there are no small savings. It is therefore necessary to look at each of the essential monthly expenditure items to try to optimize them. The mobile plan is one: you can’t do without it, but there are always savings to be made.

What if we told you that it is possible to reduce your mobile bill by two or three depending on your usage and your needs? It is possible if you fall in the right place and at the right time. Currently, it is the MVNO Prixtel that pleases us with a complete mobile plan that does not exceed 5 euros. It is non-binding, this allows you to have all the flexibility to change.

To see this one-time offer, it’s here:

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Three ultra-attractive subscriptions

Prixtel is one of the few operators to fully side with its customers. He wants them to pay the fair price, in full transparency. This is already a good start for this sector, which often enjoys good margins on mobile plans. The MVNO, which relies on the SFR network, gives you the means to reduce the cost of your subscription quite dramatically.

There are three subscriptions in the range, and all follow the same principle: they are non-binding, include unlimited calls / SMS / MMS and come with a variable data envelope. If you are a small or medium consumer of mobile data on your smartphone, you will have to consider the Le petit formula. The Le Grand and Le Géant offers are intended for a more niche audience.

In detail, here is how the Le petit mobile plan works. By default, you will receive a 20 GB envelope for 4.99 euros per month. For 99% of French people, this envelope is enough to last the whole month. With the development of telework, the French are more on Wi-Fi, which also limits their consumption of 4G on their smartphone.

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This envelope can however be extended according to the needs of the users, and that has nothing to do with the out-of-package. You have two levels of 30 and 40 GB which are accessible for 7.99 or 9.99 euros per month. You can therefore occasionally double your consumption without it costing you hundreds of euros (as other telecom operators do). Month after month, depending on your actual consumption, Prixtel adapts your bill.

The principle is the same for Le Grand and Le Géant mobile plans. They also have three levels of data (60, 80 and 100 GB for the first and 100, 130 and 160 GB for the second) at progressive prices. Once again, to use such an amount of mobile data, you will have to be a very heavy consumer of 4G content on your mobile device.

The best package under 5 euros

Today, very few mobile plans below the fateful bar of 5 euros per month are worth it. With operators like Bouygues Telecom or SFR, you are credited with 100 or 200 MB for this rate. Suffice to say that it will almost not allow you to go on the internet. At Prixtel and with these 20 GB by default for 4.99 euros, we cannot dream of better at the moment.

Without a doubt, this MVNO offers the cheap benchmark package for the first year. However, we remind you that this is a special offer to which you will have to subscribe before this Tuesday evening. It guarantees you such a low price throughout the first year, after which it goes up between 5 and 6 euros per level. If you need to know the details, Prixtel explicitly displays upcoming price increases on its website.

If you are ready to change operator but you do not know how to do it, here is the procedure to follow: call 3179 (free number) to obtain your RIO code. This RIO code allows you to keep your current phone number, cancel your current subscription and go to a new operator. It will have to be entered when registering on the Prixtel site. From then on, the procedure will be initiated to transfer the number to you free of charge. It’s that simple !

To discover the offers of Prixtel, it’s here:

Discover the Prixtel range

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