Why is Netflix canceling several of its animated series?

Why is Netflix canceling several of its animated series?

A few days after the presentation of its financial results, Netflix is ​​making major changes in its strategy. The platform has simply canceled some of its animated series.

Netflix is ​​in trouble after the announcement of its financial results for the last quarter. The SVOD platform, still the sector leader, shows a loss of 200,000 subscribers worldwide. For the first time in ten years, the growth of red N seems to be drastically slowed down.

The situation is mainly explained by the boycott of Russia, which represents a market of more than 700,000 users. But in Canada and the United States, too, some users also seem to have decided to simply jump ship. netflix expects to lose about 2.5 million subscribers in the next quarter. The company nevertheless wanted to reassure its shareholders that its growth should resume by the end of the year.

But who says loss of speed, says economic fallout. Netflix’s profits were largely reduced at the start of this year 2022, so budget cuts are to be expected. It is the animation sector which will be the first to pay the price according to The Wrap.

Animation is not a priority for Netflix

According to information from the American media, Netflix has started to review its plans for animation. The creative director of original animation development at Netflix would have been thanked last week, along with several members of his team.

This obviously also affects certain projects in development, and in particular two particularly awaited series. Bone, adapted from Jeff Smith’s comics, may never see the light of day. As a reminder, the books follow the adventures of Fone Bone and his cousins ​​Phoney and Smiley who fled from Boneville following several embezzlements by Phoney. They then find themselves propelled into a valley populated by humans, wererats and dragons. Their arrival triggers a war between the forces of Evil and Good.

At Roald Dahl’s, writer behind Charlie and the chocolate factory, there is also change. The serial adaptation of The Twits would no longer be relevant. The project should take a different form and exist thanks to a feature film. Finally, the series inspired by Toil and Trouble by Kelly Matthews, by Lauren Faust, is the latest production to be impacted by these cancellations.

Critical reception is not a marker of success for Netflix

The OA, Cowboy Bebop… There are countless series stopped mid-flight by the red N. Sometimes these cancellations make sense, especially when the spectators and the press have not been kind. This was the case for cowboy bebop or Jupiter’s Legacy. But creatives and directors who have worked with Netflix denounce the firm’s methods when it comes to renewing series or not.

Elizabeth Ito, who worked on the animated series The City of Ghostsrecently explained that the platform was building its arguments on “staged data” to assert his point of view.

The firm’s marketing protocol is just as frustrating for creators, who often have to settle for just one short month of promotion before the release of their film or series. A very small window, which does not allow enough hype for more discreet productions.

It remains to be seen if the animation division will experience any other disappointments throughout the year. Netflix seems to have changed its creative strategy, now preferring to focus primarily on audience expectations. As IGN notes, Netflix’s mantra has recently been replaced. Instead of “We want to be the home of everyone’s favorite show”the company’s co-CEO had recently said “wanting to do what the public wants to see”.

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