who is Layla in the new Disney+ series?

who is Layla in the new Disney+ series?

Moon Knight continues on Disney+. In the second episode of the new Marvel series, viewers were able to discover a completely new protagonist. But who is Layla?

In an ultra-referenced cinematic universe, Moon Knight is an exception. So far, no part of the plot seems to connect it to another MCU production. A rarity in the franchise, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the House of Ideas hasn’t instilled some hidden clues or winks.

After being only a voice in the first episode, Layla has finally shown the tip of her nose. Camped by May Calamawy, the protagonist is no less mysterious. We searched the side of the comics, to try to learn more.

No alter-ego on Moon Knight’s side

In the mythology of Moon Knight, no sign of this protagonist who seems to have a special importance in the life of his counterpart on the small screen. On glossy paper, Marc Spector forms a romantic relationship with a certain Marlene Alraune, alias Blondie. Daughter of the archaeologist Dr. Peter Alraune, she married Eric Fontaine at the end of her studies.

But their union will not last long, and the latter will fall under the spell of Marc Spector, encouraging him to use his double identity and his powers for good. It will be her, who after the suspicious disappearance of Marc Spector from the radars, will hire Luke Cage and Iron Fist to find him.

A reference to the X-Men?

The character of Layla seems a priori to be completely new in the license, however, Marvel could have brought together two paper characters for the purposes of its plot. Among the X-Men, there is indeed a named Layla.

Appeared during the crossover House of M, Layla Miller is a sidekick of Magneto. In this crossover, the superheroes are immersed in an artificially recreated universe. This is one of the major moments of the Marvel universe, which inspired the series Wanda vision.

It is Layla Miller, Magneto’s sidekick who will bring all these beautiful people back to reality thanks to her powers. In the series, Layla El-Faouly, she does not currently have any supernatural characteristics, but Marvel never does anything by chance. The choice of the first name Layla is probably not a coincidence.

An adventure heroine

The character of Maya Calamawy is therefore still very mysterious, and her interpreter is not really authorized to say more. During an interview, she nevertheless told us that she hadn’t hesitated very long before joining the project. “I haven’t read the script. I just knew he was looking for an Egyptian actress, and I just said, I want to do it! (laughs) I find that having Egypt as a setting offers something new, especially in terms of representation.”

And it must be said that the score is rather attractive on paper. At first, it is officially the first Egyptian character in the MCU, then because it allowed him to explore a new genre: that of action.

“The stunt team was great and they helped me a lot to prepare. But what is difficult are the night shoots. It’s 3 am and you’re told you have to go. You really have to be prepared and stay alert, otherwise you can hurt yourself. I have a lot of respect for action movies.”

As for the future of her character in the franchise, May Calamawy explains to us that she does not know more than us. “If my character stays alive, yes. I don’t know what’s going to happen to my character, you know.”

The last episode of the series broadcast on Disney + should tell us more. See you every Wednesday on the platform to discover Moon Knight.

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