what are french headphones worth?

what are french headphones worth?

After having revolutionized the sound in the living room, the French brand wants to be present when we travel. Here is our test of the Devialet Gemini, high-end True Wireless headphones.

The headphone market true-wireless has been rather crowded for some time and this, whatever the price range. At the top of the range, if there is no shortage of rivals, Apple’s headphones are still the market leaders.

The French Devialet took the opportunity to announce its response to the big players in the sector such as Apple, Sony, Sennheiser or Bose. Do the Devialet Gemini headphones measure up to its foreign competitors? Discover without further delay our test of the Gemini, these headphones true-wireless with active noise cancellation.

Devialet Gemini at the best price
Base price: €299

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Presentation of the Devialet Gemini

When we talk about the French brand Devialt, we first think of its Bluetooth speakers, the Phantom, which have been causing a sensation for several years thanks to their unprecedented power and reduced size. Suddenly, seeing the French brand land in the ultra-competitive world of true wireless headphones is an event in itself.

If the market is somewhat saturated with tenors like Sony, Sennheiser, Bower & Wilkins, or Bose, Devialet benefits from an excellent brand image. Logically, we expect a lot from the Devialet Gemini, whether in terms of sound quality or the quality of active noise cancellation.

At first glance in this test, one has the impression that the Gemini are imposing. Once in the ear, we discover that if the design occupies a good part of the ear, they do not stand out like some competing headphones. So, for example, you can run your hand through your hair without being afraid of dropping it.

The Gemini come with white silicone tips and the user will have the choice between 4 different sizes. We might have liked black tips but once in place, we will not see them. In the end, it has the advantage of not highlighting the dust on the tips.

IPX4 certified, we were impressed by the holding of the Devialet Gemini in the ear. Whether in a sports environment or in everyday life, they do not move. Above all, with a relatively light weight compared to the majority of competitors, we forget about them and do not feel any discomfort after long hours of use.

If the case is not the most imposing, it remains large and some may criticize its size. On the other hand, we really appreciated the sliding lid, which is much more practical to use. If this is not a determining criterion, we appreciate the wireless charging of the box. Speaking of recharging, know that the Devialet Gemini offer an autonomy of around 6 hours with a little more than two full recharges with the case. This is exactly what the brand promised: we therefore had no bad surprises on this side. Note that we tested all of this with active noise reduction.

No physical buttons but sensitive buttons on the surface of the headphones. The design is also rather well thought out insofar as the sensitive buttons are quite distinct from the rest of the surface of the headphones. As a result, we do not grope when looking for orders.

Side commands, no volume control. Shame. By default, a single press on any headphones starts or stops the music, a double press allows you to return to the previous track or skip to the next track and finally, a long press allows you to switch between cancellation noise reduction or Transparency mode. Via the iOS (or Android) application, you can configure the double-press with, instead, the launch of the voice assistant of the smartphone.

Noise Reduction and Sound

While there are already tenors in the field of noise cancellation, we were eager to find out how Devialet was going to do in this area. In this case, the French are doing very well even if the Bose and Sony are still doing a tad better in absolute terms.

Now, don’t make us say what we haven’t said: Devialet is doing very well and has nothing to be ashamed of on a daily basis. While the design might suggest great passive isolation, that’s not the case when the music isn’t on. On the other hand, once the music starts, we discover a very good passive insulation and not at all subject to the wind.

The settings are made via the iOS/Android application with three possible levels. It’s not as fine as with Bose, for example, which offers 10 levels, but in reality, three levels is more than enough. If the Low and High levels speak for themselves, I didn’t notice any real differences between the High level and the Airplane level. On the other hand, as often, everything will be done via the application (and not via the headphones).

Devialet’s noise cancellation is a hybrid system with microphones outside and inside each earphone. This allows noise analysis before it reaches the user’s ear, and analysis at the time of playback. The noise cancellation itself is excellent, it is super effective in the city by immersing you in your universe. We no longer heard the outside world except when it came to paying attention to certain details.

We also did the Devialet Gemini test on a bike to understand the wind resistance: unfortunately, the microphones remain wind sensitive, which means that in strong winds, you will hear the wind hitting the microphone. So, we put the headphones rather on the Neutral position. Moreover, we would have liked to have a shortcut on the headphones for this position. With a long press, you switch between noise cancellation or transparency mode. So, to have this neutral position, you will have to go through the application.

By default, the sound is very warm and precise. There is a certain similarity with Bose in the highs and mids. On the other hand, it is at the bass level that Devialet will mark the experience with its signature. They are powerful and very deep. But the difference is at the level of perception with this feeling that the bass remains a little longer when the competition has already passed the next note. It’s hard to explain but the bass remains somewhere present even when there is more.

As usual, the tests were done on compositions by Ryuichi Sakamoto or Rich Bryan’s RAP without forgetting the Pop classics. The restitution of the instruments is impressive. Added to this are equalizers to customize the sound if the default does not suit the user. Finally, Devialet has completed its score with excellent management of call quality with clear reproduction, just like for our voice during our exchanges, all without external noise. We are not far from the level of Apple, a benchmark in this area.

Devialet Gemini at the best price
Base price: €299

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