we debrief the 5th episode completely crazy!

we debrief the 5th episode completely crazy!

It’s almost time for the curtain to come down for Moon Knight. Back to the fifth episode of the new Marvel series.

We have to admit, in many ways, the new Marvel series is a surprise. Far from the classic patterns of productions of the genre, the series directed by Jeremy Slater has some under the pedal. This dive into the psyche of the protagonist, long compared to Batman, is a success on many levels. This new episode confirms that she is far from having revealed all her secrets. Here’s what to remember from the penultimate chapter of Moon Knight.

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Fact or fiction?

We pick things up where we left off. After the climax of episode 4, which transported us to the heart of a psychiatric hospital, Marc and Steven face an Egyptian goddess responsible for transporting souls to the afterlife. This is Taweret (Taouret in French), goddess of fertility and protector of childbirth. This time, her mission will be different since she will have to help our two characters in their quest for the truth.

A childbirth of the soul, the maieutics of Socrates invites itself to Marvel. Steven and Marc are about to discover something of which they had not known until then, or which they had voluntarily passed over in silence.

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Credits: Marvel

The episode also plays with this principle of reality and fiction, by superimposing, thanks to a frantic editing, fantastic and very real sequences. Moon Knight maintains the mystery, is the whole Egyptian plot the product of the protagonist’s imagination? We will have to wait until next week to find out for sure.

A troubled past

From the outset, the series focused on dissociative personality disorders. A central theme on glossy paper, which takes on another dimension on screen. Marc and Steven must share one and the same body, but the reasons behind this strange phenomenon have been kept secret until now.

We now know that it was to protect himself from a violent and abusive mother, and to forget the tragic loss of his brother, that Marc created Steven Grant. Inspired by a character he adored as a child, this identity is a refuge for the mercenary, the only way for him to be happy. We can also wonder if Khonshu was not at his side from the start, causing the death of his brother to mentally break him and lead him to find himself at the foot of his statue in Egypt.

Credits: Marvel

We can indeed see that a bird skeleton has slipped into the sequence of the cave. After all, this episode was also a way for Marc to become aware of the manipulations to which he was subjected when he decided to put on the costume.

Never two without three

This will not have escaped the readers of the comics, someone is missing. On paper, Marc Spector has not two, but three personalities. The mercenary indeed has another alter-ego, a taxi driver named Jake Lockley. While he had to say goodbye to Steven Grant, fallen into limbo, Marc Spector could face a new personality in episode 6.

Only one season on the clock?

So far, only one Marvel series has been renewed on Disney+. It is Loki with Tom Hiddleston in the cast. As the conclusion nears for Moon Knight, it is still very difficult to know what the future holds for the character. For the moment, the series does not seem to have any connection with another production of the MCU.

Unheard of in the cinematic universe, it is completely unrelated to the rest of the franchise. There is no mention of the “snap” of Thanos, the Avengers or even any other character from the license. It seems unlikely that a sequence will hang up the wagons for the final installment. Marvel, if success is there, could nevertheless decide to devote new adventures to it.

It must be said that several things introduced briefly have not yet been explored. Starting with the appearance of Duchamp’s name in Marc Spector’s contacts. The one who calls himself Frenchie in the comics, is an important character in the mythology of Moon Knight. The fact that the scenario refers to it is probably not just an easter egg.

To discover the conclusion of Moon KnightMarvel gives us an appointment on May 4 on Disney+. It is on this date that we could also discover the second part of the adventures of Doctor Strange. Marvel fans will therefore have something to entertain themselves for the next few weeks.

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