Watch out for this deadly new challenge invading TikTok!

Watch out for this deadly new challenge invading TikTok!

More and more teenagers are taking up the Chapstick Challenge, which is driving them to suicide.

If the Internet has never been known to be a safe space, the advent of social networks has seen the birth of the fashion for challenges, these challenges that allow you to have fun for the time of a short video, but also to get you out of your comfort zone. TikTok is the ideal platform for spreading this kind of content, which sometimes turns tragic. After highlighting many challenges that could harm the health of others, the #ChapstickChallenge is aimed directly at its authors.

Do not try the Chapstick Challenge

Launched a few weeks ago, the #ChapstickChallenge seems to bring together, under a single name, several more or less dangerous iterations of the same challenge. One of them is even deadly. Indeed, it seems that people starting this challenge set themselves the goal of committing suicide once their lip balm stick is finished.

An outcome that can turn out to be dramatic if it is carried through. The participants in this morbid challenge therefore film themselves every day applying their lip balm, knowing that each day brings them closer to their death. A tragedy that has already affected many families, the number of vulnerable adolescents being at its peak on the networks.

Other variants of this challenge exist, less dangerous, but just as harmful, both for the mental and physical health of young users. For example, there are videos of people inflicting wounds on their mouths, who then cover them with lip balm in order to aggravate the wound. For what reasons ? Nobody knows. A priori, we do not know who could have initiated such a trend, nor when it got out of hand.

How can you avoid this kind of behavior?

As with every challenge, TikTok was notified of the situation a little late, but is striving to rectify the situation by moderating the content stamped #ChapstickChallenge on its platform. For our part, we can only advise you to practice prevention methods based on communication or on raising awareness about the mental health of young people, especially on social networks. Do not hesitate to consult our file dedicated to this subject.

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