Uninstall these Android applications that steal data from your smartphone!

Uninstall these Android applications that steal data from your smartphone!

A dozen applications collected data about their users without their knowledge, including location information. Enough to build up a huge database to track millions of people…

AppCensus security researchers discovered malicious code in a dozen Android apps last year. This code, integrated into a software development kit (SDK) provided by Measurement Systems, allowed developers to obtain statistics on their users.

A malicious SDK

Very classic so far, except that this SDK allowed a supplier of the American army to collect mountains of data on the users of these applications. A provider specializing in cyber intelligence and network defense, which works for American security agencies…

Among these infected apps, there are several dedicated to prayer for Muslims. It was therefore probably a maneuver to discreetly monitor this part of the population… The Measurement Systems SDK not only retrieved location data, but also e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, files stored in the press- paper and therefore, potentially, the identifiers and passwords of various online services.

In addition, the SDK is also able to scan certain smartphone folders, such as the WhatsApp download folder for example. By crossing all this information, the hackers therefore had a way of knowing almost everything about the targeted individuals… And why not journalists, dissidents or political rivals.

Warned last October, Google removed the applications concerned: Speed ​​Camera Radar, Al-Moazin Lite (Prayer Times), WiFi Mouse (remote control PC), QR & Barcode Scanner, Qibla Compass – Ramadan 2022, Simple weather & clock widget, Handcent Next SMS-Text w/ MMS, Smart Kit 360, Al Quran Mp3 – 50 Reciters & Translation Audio, Full Quran MP3 – 50+ Languages ​​& Translation Audio, Audiosdroid Audio Studio DAW. They should be deleted immediately if you have downloaded them.

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