three new cars and a new circuit join the game

three new cars and a new circuit join the game

After the controversies, Gran Turismo 7 officially deploys its first content patch which brings expected new features.

Shortly after its release, Gran Turismo 7 caused a stir following a bug that affected the game for several days and made it inaccessible. If the anger of the players has since dissipated, Polyphony Digital had not had the opportunity to deploy a real content update, preferring to leave room for corrective patches. That said, players on Gran Turismo 7 can now experience new features with today’s update.

On the program, three new cars and a circuit await players, free of charge. First of all, on the vehicle side, budding pilots can get their hands on the ’21 Subaru BRZ GT300, the ’21 Subaru BRZ S or the ’91 Suzuki Cappuccino (EA11R). Here are some pictures for those who don’t know what these cars look like, in the order we mentioned them.

Belgium on the menu

As for the new race, it is located at the heart of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, located in Belgium. In real life, it hosts not only the Formula 1 Grand Prix but also the mythical 24 Hours of Spa race, among other competitions. Here, players will be able to enjoy 7 kilometers of road, with a total of 21 bends. The studio also informs us that the circuit has a drop of 104 meters and that the longest straight is over 700 meters.

Apart from these new features, Polyphony Digital is working to correct certain bugs, and to optimize the user experience by rebalancing certain parameters. More than a routine update therefore for the power monster that is Gran Turismo 7.

Despite its exit from the road a few weeks ago, it must be said that the exit of the game was done on the hats of wheels. Both in terms of graphics and the variety of content, players were won over by this complete and truly next-gen version of a license that already has years behind it, and surely many ahead of it.

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