this study reveals the disturbing practices of your boss

this study reveals the disturbing practices of your boss

Business leaders are among the worst performers when it comes to cybersecurity. NordPass reveals the (sometimes aberrant) passwords used by senior executives in their professional environment.

Every day, a new cybersecurity scandal. Hackers are adopting ever more aggressive strategies to corrupt individuals and businesses. In a professional environment, when confidential and highly sensitive data circulates, it is a question of being even more vigilant.

However, this study conducted by NordPass, itself a subsidiary of the NordSecurity group, reveals the bad habits of senior executives in terms of passwords. They are often the gateway to massive data theft. If the weak passwords account for 80% of these breacheshackers today use even more advanced techniques: phishing, insecure infrastructure, etc.

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Passwords are dangerous

This study claims to show that CEOs and other senior executives pay no more attention to their safety than individuals. Among CEOs, the 3 most used passwords are 123456, password and 12345. Suffice to say that these passwords really put the security of the company at risk.

top CEO password
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Even more worryingly, it seems that company founders themselves aren’t very serious about basic security: the most popular passwords are very similar, with 123456789 coming in third place. If the data can be held hostage (via ransomware), so is the financial security of the company. Hackers can access bank accounts to empty them with just a few clicks.

To update its report, NordPass relied on concrete facts: it collaborated with several cybersecurity experts to analyze no less than 290 million data thefts.

The conclusion is ultimately the same as for individuals (whose most popular password is “azerty”): the real lack of vigilance is the first factor in computer attacks. Note that France is among the worst students alongside the English.

Corrupt passwords
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Use a password manager

Individuals and companies, there is a method to strengthen this security and avoid 80% of basic attacks: password manager. This makes all your passwords more complex, encrypts them and offers you ultimate security.

As soon as you arrive on a site where you have an account, the manager will immediately suggest that you log in automatically. The password is end-to-end encrypted. On some browsers, you already have the option of saving a password (easy and practical). Only, if you use another browser, you will not be able to access it. With a third-party password manager, your passwords will be available on all browsers and on all your electronic devices.

Among the players on this type of service, there is NordSecurity and its subsidiary NordPass. The latter is one of the most popular on the market, compatible on computer, mobile and all other devices connected to the internet. At the moment, it is putting forward an offer at €1.39 per month (instead of €4.39) for a subscription over 2 years. You risk nothing, it’s even an excellent investment.

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If you want to go even further in securing your devices, we can only recommend NordVPN’s complete solution. The latter not only gives you a VPN (to encrypt all your online data and become anonymous to hackers), but it also adds antivirus features. It is also at a favorable rate for a few more hours. It’s the holy grail in cybersecurity, and it’s European.

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