this patent calls into question everything we know about controllers

this patent calls into question everything we know about controllers

A new patent filed by Sony highlights a new type of controllers, very different from those of the PSVR 2.

A few months ago, Sony revealed some details about its next PSVR 2, starting with the controllers that come with the virtual reality headset. We knew very early on what these would look like, a design that was confirmed recently, at the same time as that of the PSVR 2 itself.

However, a new discovery could well shake our knowledge on this subject. Indeed, Sony has just filed a new patent, which is also about a pair of controllers, but in a new style for the brand. On the drawings, we can actually see that they are equipped with straps and that they have a very different grip.

Not the same shape, let alone the same functionality

This new design aims to introduce an option that should help immersion. They would allow the user to take them in hand like a handle, while leaving them the possibility of letting them go. This is a very useful feature for games where players need to pick up items for example. To do this, they could simply apply pressure to the joystick and then release it once they want to put the object down.

This is clearly not something Sony was planning on doing for PSVR 2…at least until now. The discovery of this patent revives the debate on what we can find new on the VR headset and its controllers, although nothing has been confirmed by Sony. Moreover, this patent could quite simply lay the foundations for a future VR headset, the PSVR 3 who knows?

In the meantime, in the PSVR 2 we should find many of the features present in the Dual Sense, to stick to the technology of the PS5. We will therefore find adaptive triggers, haptic feedback or even many motion and infrared sensors. For the complete characteristics, do not hesitate to consult our file specially dedicated to PSVR 2 right here.

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