this iPad Pro rival costs 3x less

this iPad Pro rival costs 3x less

The Xiaomi Pad 5 in 256 GB, Xiaomi’s high-performance tablet is at a great price during the French Days AliExpress. Thanks to a promo code, its price drops suddenly. Take advantage of it quickly, this flash sale will not last since stocks are very limited!

Even if it is not one of the founding brands of the event, AliExpress, like many other online stores, also participates in the French Days. During the 6 days of promotions which are held as a reminder from Wednesday May 4 to Monday May 9, the cyber-merchant, a subsidiary of the juggernaut Alibaba offers deals worthy of a day of Black Friday. On occasion, many promo codes are put in place and allow you to make even more good deals.

Among the offers that are really worth it, there is the one for Xiaomi’s Android tablet. Quite difficult to obtain, the latter is regularly out of stock at the majority of merchants. Except that for the French Days 2022, AliExpress has a few pieces available at a price still rarely seen. This good plan AiExpress French Day therefore concerns the Mi Pad 5 tablet in its 256 GB version.

I take advantage of the offer

On the site, it is displayed at 368.93 euros. Which in itself is already a good deal. Provided you are very responsive, you can have it even cheaper. How ? Simply by entering the code LAPLACE29 which entitles you to an additional 29 euros reduction on the displayed price. In the end, you can walk away with the Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 for an exceptional price of 339 euros. With, icing on the cake, free delivery and VAT included.

An exceptional audiovisual experience

This is the first element we have to deal with when looking at this Mi Pad 5. On this point, Xiaomi has not gone too far. Rather logical when you want to tackle a segment where the iPad Pro is king. In order to offer an optimal experience both for entertainment and for productivity, Xiaomi therefore equips its tablet with an 11-inch panel, WQHD + definition offering a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

Enough to offer flawless fluidity in all conditions. This display also supports the DCI-P3 protocol and can display over a billion colors. And if you add the Smart Pen, then the level of productivity reaches its peak (perfect for designers). It is worth remembering that the screen of this Mi Pad 5 is also compatible with Dolby Vision. Enough to take full advantage of the adapted content, especially on Netflix, and benefit from the most faithful rendering obtained by the directors.

The audio part is at the height of the visual one, with stereo speakers compatible with Dolby Atmos. Combined with Dolby Atmos, you have a mix of high-performance technologies, intended to offer you an ultra-immersive audiovisual experience never before achieved. From this point of view, no other rival comes close to it, especially at this exceptional price of 339 euros during the French Days at AliExpress.

Xiaomi’s Mi Pad 5, a premium and ultra-powerful Android tablet

In this tablet, we find all the know-how of Xiaomi. The manufacturer has not skimped on resources and offers a premium quality product at a very competitive price. The Mi Pad 5 is designed in an aluminum frame with flat edges and its rear part offers a matte finish. Rather a good point which allows not (too) see your fingerprints. Its photo module is also very well integrated.

Discreet, it closely resembles the one found on the Xiaomi 11T. With a thickness of only 6.9 mm, the tablet is very thin, and remains relatively light considering the size of its screen. It displays 511 grams on the scale. Moreover, its screen occupies a large part of the device since it offers a size / screen ratio of 82.23%. For the conception and design part, it is therefore almost flawless.

Under its hood, this Mi Pad 5 features Qualcomm’s ultra-powerful Snapdragon 860 processor engraved in 7 nm and with a maximum clock speed of 2.96 GHz. To support it in the heaviest tasks, such as 3D gaming, multitasking, video editing, its 6 GB of RAM is welcome. Suffice to say that with such computing power, you can use it for all your daily tasks. Whether it’s to follow your lessons, in a professional setting, or for entertainment, the Xiaomi tablet will always remain ultra fast.

And to top it off, you have a large storage capacity of 256 GB which allows you to store all your files. In this way, you can also take photos and videos during your vacation, for example, without worrying about saturating the storage space. With a screen of such definition offering a refresh rate of 120 Hz, one would think that this Mi Pad 5 is a very energy-consuming tablet.

Well, think again since Xiaomi has equipped it with a high capacity 8,720 mAh battery which gives it a fiery autonomy. To give you an idea, the Mi Pad 5 can last without flinching easily for several days in basic use. If you are a fan of video streaming, you can enjoy your favorite movies and series for more than 16 hours. And in case you get to the end of it, its USB-C port will allow you to take advantage of the 22.5W fast charge to regain hours of battery life in just a few minutes of charging.

Xiaomi Pad 5
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A premium and inexpensive tablet, perfect for all uses

As you will have understood, the Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 stands out as the best tablet for entertainment but also for productivity. Compared to much more expensive models, which often reach more than double its price, this tablet undeniably offers the best value for money. Especially since by taking advantage of this good French Days plan, you can acquire it for less than 330 euros.

It is also good to remember that the tablet is delivered free and quickly (5 days) from France. And that the final price includes VAT. Once your order has been placed, you will receive the status of the latter by email, with the delivery tracking updated throughout the delivery process. So no bad surprises. If there is still stock and you are lucky enough to have been able to put one in your basket, then go for it, you really won’t regret it!

To take advantage of the French Days AliExpress offer on the Mi Pad 5, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

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