this hit series returns for a second season

this hit series returns for a second season

After a particularly popular first season on Amazon Prime Video, The Wilds returns for new episodes. Amazon just shared the trailer.

His Majesty of the Flies never ceases to inspire the 7th art. Amazon Prime Video has also taken over the literary phenomenon, to rework it with a feminist sauce. In William Golding’s novel, a plane carrying English boys from high society crashes during flight on a desert island. The pilot and the adults who accompany them perish in the crash, the teenagers thus find themselves left to their own devices in a wild and paradisiacal nature.

These 15 children try to organize themselves to survive, by reproducing the social patterns that have been instilled in them. But quickly the veneer cracks and a more savage and violent organization settles, around a rudimentary religion and a charismatic leader named Jack.

The series takes more or less the same starting postulate, but replaces the main characters with an exclusively female cast. The series intends to explore the same process, but focusing on the destinies of young women as different from each other.

Survival of next May’s program

The first season had been a great success, so Amazon Prime Video was quick to announce the arrival of new episodes. The pandemic nevertheless delayed its production launch, so we had to wait more than a year and a half to be entitled to the sequel.

On YouTube, the platform shares the first trailer. We thus discover the male cast, presented at the end of season 1. The conclusion offered us some information on this mysterious air crash. It is obviously a social experiment, aimed at studying the way in which men and women react and organize themselves in the event of a disaster.

The new season should thus address the male side of the experience, while exploring in more detail the destiny of the protagonists that we already know. Sophia Ali, who we recently saw at the casting ofUncharted, so will be back. Sarah Pidgeon, Jenna Clause, Shannon Berry and Reign Edwards will take over the roles of Leah, Martha, Dot and Rachel.

On the side of the new recruits, it will be necessary to count on Nicholas Coombe, Miles Gutierrez-Riley and Alex Fitzalan. The latter also has some experience with the genre since he appeared in the series The Society on Netflix, which used the same basic principle.

So see you on next may 6 to discover season 2 of The Wilds on Amazon Prime Video. Until then, the platform already has some new productions in its suitcases, with an already rather interesting program for the month of April.

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