This French Days offer on this 4K OLED HiSense Dolby Atmos & Vision IQ TV makes fun of Black Friday πŸ”₯

This French Days offer on this 4K OLED HiSense Dolby Atmos & Vision IQ TV makes fun of Black Friday πŸ”₯

Here is a good plan on a Hisense OLED TV that will certainly interest a lot of people. At Boulanger, on the occasion of the French Days, the price of the 55A85G model drops dramatically.

Thanks to this exceptional offer offered by the French brand Boulanger, you can equip yourself with a high-end OLED TV without breaking the bank. As a reminder, Hisense is one of the main sponsors of the next 2022 football world cup which will take place in Qatar. Its level of expertise and the quality of its televisions is well established.

Today, thanks to this XL deal, you can acquire the Hisense 55A85G OLED TV at the incredible price of 691 euros instead of 1,290 euros. How ? First of all, a reduction of 10% on its displayed price of 990 euros automatically applies to the basket. It therefore goes to 891 euros. Then, a refund offer of 200 euros drops its price to 691 euros! Yes, you read that right, 691 euros!

A simply mind-blowing offer, to be grabbed as soon as possible since at this price, the parts in stock will sell out at lightning speed. So don’t wait another minute to take advantage of it, since tomorrow will certainly be too late.

As a reminder or for information, Boulanger is, in the same way as Cdiscount, one of the 6 founding brands of the French Days. This event, which started in 2018, takes place twice a year, in the fall and in the spring. It allows merchants to boost their sales during the off-peak period between Black Friday and the summer sales by offering the general public promotional offers on thousands of products. Over the years, dozens of merchants have joined the operation, seeing in it the opportunity to empty their stocks and in the process significantly increase their turnover.

I take advantage of the offer

Hisense 55A85G: the perfect OLED TV for cinema and gaming in 4K / 120 FPS

In addition to being top notch for cinema, this Hisense OLED TV is also perfect for gaming on next-gen consoles such as the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Thanks to its 4 HDMI 2.1 ports, you get a very smooth picture. With the presence of VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), which allows you to synchronize the TV image refresh rates with the video game platform, you get a fluid image without any jerks. OLED technology guarantees images with high contrast, realistic colors and infinite black.

Coupled with ALLM, technology that automatically switches to a specific game mode when it detects it, you have the necessary ingredients to enjoy an extraordinary gaming experience. In addition to the 4 HDMI 2.1 ports, this Hisense 55A85G also has the following connectors: two USB ports, a radio antenna input, a satellite input and an Ethernet port.

No Android TV on this model, but Vidaa U, the Hisense home interface that offers a pretty good browsing experience. Without having a catalog as well supplied as the Play Store, its application store still includes around forty applications including the essential and very popular Neftlix, Prime Video, Youtube or even Rakuten TV. These four sVOD services also have a dedicated button on the remote control for quick access.

If you want to install other applications there, you will have to go through an Android Box. This OLED TV has a diagonal of 55 inches (139 cm) and offers 4K definition (3840 x 2160 pixels). It also incorporates Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos image and sound enhancement technologies that offer the best immersive audiovisual experience on the market today. Its native 100Hz scan rate enables 100 frames per second to be displayed, suitable for sporting events and action movies. It can reach 120 Hz thanks to an improvement treatment and thus adapt to the best for video games.

Finally, Hisense has not forgotten the essential WiFi, Bluetooth, or DLNA to facilitate connection to various compatible devices (Audio, Mouse, Keyboard) or content sharing via them. For this minimum price of 691 euros, there is simply no such good equivalent on the market that offers such value for money. If you arrived wait, go for it, you will not regret it!

To discover the Boulanger offer during the French Days on the Hisense 55A85G OLED TV, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

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