they too have the right to a police check

they too have the right to a police check

Self-driving cars are beginning to enter our lives, disrupting quite a few habits, including those of law enforcement.

With the changes that are taking place in the automotive world, hybrid and electric cars are taking an increasingly important place in the road landscape. But in parallel with the development of these “more environmentally responsible” cars, many manufacturers are also working on setting up an autonomous fleet, with more or less success.

If Tesla acts as a benchmark in this sector, with the Autopilot function, Elon Musk’s brand is not the most innovative on the subject. It is even far behind other companies, which have already taken the step towards completely autonomous vehicles. If the historic manufacturers like Mercedes or Audi are not there yet, it is however the case of the young start-up Cruise, which has been offering driverless cars for a few months now, in the heart of San Francisco.

An unusual police check

But now, the streets of the Californian city are subject to strict traffic regulations, as such the teams of the San Francisco Police Department patrol the city. If one could think that autonomous cars are not concerned by the police, this is obviously not the case.

Indeed, in a video, first posted on Instagram. We see a city police officer checking the vehicle despite the warnings of passers-by “there is no one in the car”, we hear in particular during this short video. If this excerpt may make you smile, it raises the more general question of the control of these driverless cars or the legislation to be put in place concerning them.

According to a Cruise company spokesperson, the car gave way to law enforcement before pulling into the first available spot, waiting for a customer. But the police officers saw here an error in the parking of the vehicle; which resulted in the brief check.

Also according to the company, a police officer did contact Cruise’s teams that evening; but the matter went no further. The firm, present in the city for more than two months, also takes the opportunity to remind that it works every day in close collaboration with the San Francisco police. She adds that small incidents like this help improve Cruise’s self-driving system.

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