the Wrangler Magneto concept is entitled to its version 2.0

the Wrangler Magneto concept is entitled to its version 2.0

After presenting a concept car last year, Jeep presents the Magneto 2.0, the all-new electric model from Stellantis.

Car brands have all the ways to present concept cars and new cars. As for the American firm Jeep, the latter often takes advantage of the Easter Jeep Safari, an event dedicated 100% to the brand in the Utah desert. On this occasion, Jeep has just presented a new version of its electric car concept: the Magneto.

Already presented last year, the car in its 2022 version takes up the lines of the concept car. For the moment, Jeep has not given any specific information on possible mechanical evolutions, in particular with regard to the bespoke engine for this model.

If the brand has not officially announced anything, the first figures seem different with regard to performance. Indeed, our colleagues at The Verge explain that this new motor should run at a lower rpm, especially with the different amperage. The first announcements speak of a torque of more than 1,000 Newton Meters (1,355 Nm) and a power that reaches 625 horsepower.

A concept full of promise

While the car has yet to prove itself on the road, the Magneto 2.0 is expected to revert to a six-speed manual transmission, something rare for an electric car, but which had already been offered for Mustang’s electric concept car. Ford in 2019.

Greatly inspired by the Wrangler, an iconic Jeep car, the Magneto 2.0 offers performance that is truly above the usual standards. Indeed, the car swallows the 0 to 100 km / h in two seconds. It’s just as good as the all-powerful Tesla Model S Plaid, which is nevertheless a benchmark car in terms of electric models.

If for the moment Jeep has not given a timetable for a possible marketing of this electric version of the Wrangler, the Stellantis group, which owns the firm, wanting to turn as much as possible to these new engines, more respectful of the environment. than thermal cars.

A new version of the Cherokee, but hybrid

In the rest of this Easter Jeep Safari, the American company took advantage of the event to present a new version of its Jeep Grand Cherokee, in its Trailhawk PHEV Concept version. The Cherokee is today the best-known and best-selling model at Jeep, which offers in this brand new version a hybrid engine, not really surprising for a product that is intended to be all-terrain.

The car must indeed be able to endure the trials of nature, with a solid thermal engine, and at the same time, be respectful of the latter. The hybrid, which is a much more developed technology than the all-electric, therefore takes on its full meaning in this case.

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