the virtual/augmented reality headset will arrive, but late

the virtual/augmented reality headset will arrive, but late

Apple is rumored to be working on a mixed reality headset, but the release of the product may be a long time coming.

Long announced for the end of this year, Apple’s virtual and augmented reality headset could finally see the light of day, in 2023 only. According to a brand new report from Jeff Pu, who works for Haitong International Securities, this so-called “mixed reality” headset would be at the heart of many problems for the Cupertino company.

In his report, quoted by 9to5Mac, the analyst only mentions that Apple’s headphones could face delays, without going into the reason for the delayed launch, even if concerns around the development of the famous headphones are today l most probable hypothesis. According to Mark Gurman, a reporter for Bloomberg and now the best-known analyst around Apple, Apple’s mixed reality headset could become quite popular in its first year on the market.

Don’t make the same mistakes again

He estimates that Apple expects to sell between 1 million and 1.5 million units. A very ambitious figure for Apple which, according to rumors again, plans to sell its headphones around $2,000 each. Gurman also assures that the helmet should have been launched initially at the end of 2021, with a start of shipping in 2022.

But many problems, especially in development, have delayed the release of the headphones, Apple wanting to be sure that its product is fully functional before it is even announced. The idea is to avoid making the same mistake as with AirPower, an Apple project announced with great fanfare by the Cupertino company in September 2017 never saw the light of day, the fault of various concerns in the production of this great wireless charger, which promised to be revolutionary.

A mixed reality headset: a first step

Regarding Apple’s mixed reality headset, Pu announces that the Cupertino company is thinking of creating a brand new internal chip. It should also be entitled to a new screen, in particular thanks to the precious help of Sony, one of Apple’s subcontractors in the “T288” file which seems to be the internal code name of this mixed reality headset.

The idea is above all for Apple to enter the world of augmented and virtual reality. Eventually the Cupertino company would like to compete with Meta (formerly Facebook) which is trying to launch a major project around the Metaverse. According to Gurman, Apple could nevertheless make demonstrations of the operating system which will be used on the helmet during the next WWDC, in June.

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