the series finally deprived of its connection with the MCU

the series finally deprived of its connection with the MCU

The Marvel Moon Knight series managed without cameos and references of any kind, but fate almost turned out otherwise…

But where have the Avengers gone? None of this in the series Moon Knight who wanted to make his own way without relying on the rest of the MCU. The main attraction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however, lies in this interconnected universe allowing the characters of all these productions to interact with each other and to complement each other’s films and series.

Until now, few Marvel projects have deviated from this rule. The most recent being Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and The Eternals who will simply have made a few references, where other productions like Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will have taken the opposite direction with a bunch of cameos all as surprising as each other.

However, there is no need for all that to make a real success of an MCU project, and that, the director of Moon Knight understood it well.

Two guests originally planned

And yet, the new Marvel series almost had the right to traditional cameosas its director Mohamed Diab has just revealed in an interview with variety :

We had the freedom to place cameos wherever we wanted. To tell you all, the first and the last scene of the series were both entitled to a crossover. But as we developed the story and changed the scripts, we were all like ‘we don’t need this’. It was a collective decision. But I kept telling myself: it’s a rule. There definitely has to be a final scene that connects us to the MCU. And I think they decided that the surprise of not having that scene that everyone expects is what would make this show so unique, because it doesn’t need it.”

This bold choice is a guarantee of quality for some fans who find that this series has nothing to do with what we are used to seeing:

The best compliment we get on our show is when people tell us ‘Doesn’t look like a Marvel series. It feels like a standalone series and more dramatic, darker and more established” adds Mohamed Biam.

The Eternals meet

The director wouldn’t reveal the exact identities of the characters who were to appear in early drafts of the Moon Knight script, but screenwriter Jeremy Slater said he wanted to have some Eternals appear in it.

He then reveals in an interview granted to The Direct that a scene was to take place in ancient Egypt with avatars of ancient Egyptian Gods fighting alongside certain Eternalsbut that it would have been very expensive to bring back so many actors for a single action scene.

Eternals at Marvel
Credits: Marvel

Thus, it is to be wondered if the main objective was really to stand out from the rest of the MCU, or if the budget granted by Disney put a spoke in the wheels of the team of the series. All in all, the series is still doing perfectly well, and the arrival of Moon Knight and Scarlet Scarab in future MCU projects will undoubtedly prove to be explosive.

Who knows, maybe Steven Grant will even get his own movie in a future phase of the MCU. This is at least all that we wish for Oscar Isaac, the interpreter of the new hero with multiple personalities.

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