The old signs announcing fixed speed cameras will be replaced

The old signs announcing fixed speed cameras will be replaced

They have accompanied motorists for years, but it’s almost time to retire for the old signs indicating an automatic speed camera! They are being replaced by new models introduced in 2017.

For your safety, automatic controls “: this panel has accompanied drivers on the sides of the roads since 2003. In 2010, it began to cohabit with a new model modifying the text (” For your safety, frequent radar checks ”) and visual: a truck has indeed appeared.

The old retired panels

These panels warn motorists of the presence upstream of an automatic speed camera. In 2010, these devices gained the ability to spot heavy goods vehicles. Then, in 2017, a new change: Road Safety introduced two new panel models! The truck disappears (although the radars have not lost the possibility of verbalizing them) just like the explanatory text. After all, the drivers quickly understood what was going on.

As an option, an additional panel can specify controls over several kilometers (on the right in the illustration image above). Originally, the “historic” panel was installed a few hundred meters from the speed camera itself, depending on the maximum authorized speed. On roads at 90 km/h, the panel was present 400 meters before the box, on the motorways it was placed at 600 meters.

Old speed camera signs. @ Road safety

The second panel, the one with the truck, can indicate one or more radars to follow. Consequently, Road Safety had them installed between 2 to 3 km before the speed camera. It is also a way of forcing motorists to reduce their speed, if necessary, over a longer distance.

These two signs are in the process of being definitively replaced by the “new ones”, after a few years of forced cohabitation on the edges of the roads. It is even likely that this is already the case!

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