the Nintendo hero wins his first Grammy Award

the Nintendo hero wins his first Grammy Award

Last night was the 64th Grammy Awards ceremony during which the little pink ball from Nintendo did indeed win the victory

A veritable Swiss army knife with its ability to absorb the abilities of its enemies, Kirby adds a new string to its bow with a… Grammy Award.

Each year, the Grammy Awards ceremony (or Grammies for short) rewards the best artists and technicians in the American music industry. On the occasion of this 64th Annual Grammy Awardsone of the works nominated in the category “Best Arrangement, Instrumental or Acapella” was that of Charlie Rosen and Jake Silvermanan arrangement of the theme “Meta Knight’s Revenge” of Kirby’s Fun Pack released on Super Nintendo in 1996:

And against all odds, this frenzied cover with well-pronounced jazz sounds won the victory against the four other nominations, one of them including a music from the film Braveheart.

A very rare honor

Kirby and his arrangers Rosen and Silverman left this ceremony with an unprecedented award that has not often been given to video game music.

Indeed, this victory for video game music is only the second in the history of the Grammy Awards.

The first victory dates back to 2010, the year in which Christopher Tin won the award for “Best Arrangement with Vocalists” with a song composed for the strategy game Civilization IVthe main theme titled “Baba Yetu”:

The composer of Journey, Austin Wintory, had also been nominated in 2013 in the category “Best Soundtrack for Visual Media” but unfortunately did not win. Kirby has therefore been hitting hard in recent weeks between this victory, which is original to say the least, and the release of his new game. Kirby and the Forgotten World of which you can find our test here:

Kirby and the Forgotten World test: the feast we’ve been waiting for

In this new game, in addition to scoring his entry into the world of 3D platform gamesKirby gains the ability to “transmorphism” allowing him to swallow decorative objects to take advantage of new skills.

It is then perhaps thanks to this that Kirby won his Grammy, who knows!

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