the first retro games have leaked!

the first retro games have leaked!

It looks like a list of backward compatible games, soon to be available to PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers, has leaked on PSN.

We are still officially two months away from the introduction of the new PlayStation Plus formulas, but the setbacks begin now. During the presentation of its three subscriptions, Sony explained that the Premium formula would give players access to classic games from PlayStation, PS2, PS3 and even PS Vita consoles. It seems that a first list of potential games has leaked on the PlayStation Network.

The upcoming PlayStation Classics are starting to appear on the PSN backend from GamingLeaksAndRumours

It was on Reddit that a user posted the few games he thinks will be available to PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers. In total, only 5 games have been identified: Tekken 2, Ridge Racers 2, Mr Driller, Worms World Party and Worms Armageddon. it is a revelation that puts balm to the heart (especially with regard to Mr Driller) but which is a little light given the fact that more than 700 games are expected in the service’s catalog from the day of its release.

Still no clue what AAA games are available

We know that among the 700, at least 400 will be PS4 and PS5 titles which will also be available with the Extra subscription, which leaves us completely in the dark for the remaining 300. Well, the remaining 295 now. Since the announcement, Sony is careful not to reveal anything about it. If we know that the studio’s first-party games will almost never be in the catalog from the day of their release, we don’t know how long we will have to wait before finding them in the PlayStation Plus catalog.

Therefore, we have no idea what will be in the catalog next June. Games released in 2018, such as god of waror even those released in 2020, such as Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, are they old enough to appear there? Or will Sony consider that there would be a shortfall if it put them in the catalog? We will have the answer in a few weeks we hope, and if not, go to the release of the subscriptions to find out more about their content.

In the meantime, find here our first comparison of PlayStation Plus against Xbox Game Pass, its most direct competitor. If it’s only their catalog that interests you, go here.

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