the film offers a new trailer with small onions

the film offers a new trailer with small onions

Bob and his family are back in the first feature Bob’s Burger, which promises to be cooked to perfection.

Five years after the announcement of the film, Bob’s Burger will finally be entitled to its adaptation on the big screen. The animated series may have remained more confidential in France, but it has been on American Fox for more than ten years, and its success does not seem ready to fall. Like the Simpsons, the Belcher family is also about to experience its hour of glory in the cinema. 20th Century Fox has also shared a new trailer with small onions to tease the opening of the restaurant.

It was on the occasion of the WonderCon convention which was held this weekend that Fox presented the first minutes of the film to the public. For the others, it will be necessary to be satisfied with a new trailer in VO, which allows to learn a little more about the plot of the film. Driven by unpaid debts, Bob, Linda and their three children Tina, Gene and Louise will find themselves at the heart of a fantastico-police adventure. To save their restaurant, it will probably take more than puns on the burgers of the day.

Directed by Loren Bouchard and Bernard Derriman, Bob’s Burger The Movie will be able to count on its original dubbing cast, but also on its original creator, who is once again putting on his apron. Good news for French spectators, the film will be released in advance in France : see you on May 25 in dark rooms, then on May 27 in the United States. In the meantime, the series is available on Disney+. Season 12 has just ended on the Fox channel, and a season 13 is already in preparation.

No streaming… yet

Rather accustomed to streaming platforms than to dark rooms, Bob’s Burger changes strategy for his film. A logical passage considers Loren Bouchard, who presents the feature film as “the main course” of a series already available on television. “We’re excited to have the film released in theaters, in the dark with other people, because it’s something we’ve never been able to do before”. It remains to be seen whether the mayonnaise will take.

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