The director of The New Heroes arrives on Netflix

The director of The New Heroes arrives on Netflix

Netflix is ​​recruiting Chris Williams for his new animated film, halfway between Dragon and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Netflix wants to establish itself as a destination of choice for the whole family. To do this, the platform recruits renowned directors to stage animated epics.

Faced with the overpowering of the Disney catalog on the genre, Netflix is ​​far from having said its last word. She calls on Chris Williams, who worked on Moana and The New Heroes at Disney to direct this new film.

This summer, the platform will take us across the oceans to meet sea creatures as imposing as they are cute. A story of piracy which should establish itself as the ultimate entertainment for young and old.

The story follows a charming sailor who navigates uncharted waters. There he meets a sea monster who will quickly become his unlikely ally. In an age when terrifying beasts roamed the seas, monster hunters were famous heroes, and none was more beloved than the great Jacob Holland.

But when young Maisie Brumble lands on her legendary ship, they embark on an epic journey together to make history. It’s kind of like Dragon meeting Pirates of the Caribbean eventually.

Netflix has just shared the first images, we must say rather promising. The Sea Beast sounds like an invitation to travel, funny and touching. A great animated show, with an equally inspired cast.

From crazy vigilante to sailor

To embody the characters who populate this unique story, Netflix is ​​recruiting directly from the competition. Thus, the main protagonist will be played by Karl Urban. Inimitable Billy Butcher in The Boysthe actor will put his hoarse voice and his accent at the service of a certain Jacob Holland.

He will play opposite Jared Harris (Foundation), Zaris-Angel Hator (Victoria) and Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey). Marianne Jean-Baptiste (Murder) and Kathy Burke will also be there.

So see you on July 8 next to discover The Sea Beast on Netflix. Until then, the platform will not fail to reveal new images to us until then, probably through a real trailer.

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