The best fantasy movies and series to watch right now on Netflix

The best fantasy movies and series to watch right now on Netflix

The streaming giant offers a plethora of fantastic films and series. You probably won’t have time to see everything, so we’ve put together a small selection of unmissable works for you.

After having looked at science fiction and horror, it is now on fantasy and fantasy that we will focus. The opportunity to see that the border between genres is sometimes thin and that they are not all hermetic. The fantastic is characterized by the intrusion of the supernatural into the realistic framework of a story. Fantasy has its roots in a fantasy world, populated by mystical creatures and characters motivated by destiny. Here are the series and films of the genre not to be missed on Netflix.

The fantastic and fantasy series to discover on Netflix

  • Shadow & Bone: The Grisha Saga

Harry Potter has left a vacant place in the hearts of young fantasy lovers. Many studios have tried to offer us licenses of the same scale, without ever really matching the little bespectacled wizard.

Netflix nevertheless managed to hatch a rather interesting work with Shadow & Bone. Adapted from the eponymous novels, the Netflix series is a delightful dive into the heart of a vast universe as exciting as it is confusing. The first season is a success, so we can only recommend it.

Adapted from the hit comics, it’s the platform’s new favorite game. With more or less success, Netflix offers a first incursion on our screens to works that have become references on paper.

Locke & Key is one of them. The series follows three teenagers who discover mysterious keys locked in the family home. They each contain a great power, which necessarily arouses covetousness.

Throw a penny at the Witcher! Adapted from the eponymous novels, The Witcher has carved out a solid reputation among fantasy enthusiasts. Netflix is ​​therefore relying heavily on this production to attract new subscribers, to the point of already offering it some spin-offs.

The series follows the adventures of Geralt de Riv, a Witcher who discovers that his destiny is linked to that of a young woman from royalty. At the heart of a world full of dangers, he is his only chance to survive.

After the UFO The End of The F***ing World, Jonathan Entwistle returns with a teenage production, this time of a slightly different genre. The story follows a teenager who has to deal with a somewhat strange family and powers residing deep within her.

A fantastic drama mixing poetry and magical powers, which brilliantly tackles the transition to adulthood and mourning. To have…

Phenomenal series since the release of the first season in 2016, Stranger Things offers us a refreshing and nostalgic immersion in the small town of Hawkins, where strange phenomena occur to say the least. Marked by the disappearance of Will Byers, his friends and his family will set out to find him, helped by the mysterious Eleven, a pre-teen who came out of nowhere and visibly endowed with extraordinary abilities.

A true declaration of love for the beautiful Spielbergian era and the 80s, Stranger Things is one of Netflix’s biggest hits, or at least one of the most publicized. Today, the series has just delivered its third season, and two video games are being developed by the SVOD giant.

While the second season is now available, why not give a chance to Dark ? This German series took many viewers by surprise thanks to its dark atmosphere and its clever staging. Some perceive it as a kind of Stranger Things more adult, which says a lot about the quality of the show.

It focuses on the mysterious disappearance of several children, which occurs in the small town of Winden every 33 years. While four families have been broken up through the ages, police investigators will understand that the facts are linked. But to try to solve the case, they will have to put their beliefs aside. We take our hats off to the young actors, who give great depth to this tortuous story that plays with the audience like a puppet. However, it will be necessary to be well concentrated during the viewing, because the notion of time is crucial to appreciate the whole.

Fantasy and fantasy movies to watch on Netflix

Psychokinesis is a Korean film that went rather unnoticed, but it is still worth watching. Directed by Sang-Ho Yeon, who has already taken care of the very likeable Train to Busan, he revisits the figure of the superhero in a rather unique way. We follow the story of Seok-hyeon, a not very brave man who works as a security guard in a bank. He suddenly discovers that he has telekinetic powers, and sees this as an opportunity to make ends meet. But when the local underworld attacks his daughter Roo-Mi, he will have to resort to drastic measures.

For once, Korean cinema mixes genres. If this is less successful than in his previous work, we still appreciate the underlying discourse which attacks the corruption of cities and denounces the urban capitalism which makes them deformed. A rather cheerful anti-Avengers.

Tim Burton is a master when it comes to fantasy. After sleepy hollow and the excellent Sweeney Toddthe director returns with Dark Shadows. A vampire film bordering on comedy, brilliantly played by Johnny Depp. A biting and inspired story, which is sublimated by a controlled Gothic atmosphere and a licked staging.

It’s probably not our favorite of all his filmography, but he gets a nice place in our ranking. The plot follows Barnabas, a vampire brought back to life 200 years after being buried alive. In a world he does not recognize, he discovers his descendants and crosses paths with an old acquaintance.

John Constantine is a non-conformist clairvoyant who literally went back and forth to hell. He must help Katelin Dodson, an incredulous policewoman who must lift the veil on the mysterious suicide of her twin sister. This investigation will take them to the basements of Los Angelas, haunted by angels and demons.

An imperfect gothic work but carried by a Keanu Reeves still just as fair. Directed by Francis Lawrence, the film released in 2005 is adapted from the comics published between 1988 and 2013. A story of investigation punctuated with fantasy, which will delight fans of the genre.

Fantasy isn’t just for adults. Toddlers can also rub shoulders with vampires and other monsters. On the animation side, Hotel Transylvania is a nice surprise, with deadly humor and colorful visuals.

The sumptuous hotel owned by Dracula sees a strange client arrive: a humai. As young Mavis prepares to celebrate her 118th birthday, the presence of the young man shakes up the daily life of these creatures who live in hiding.

The Lord of the Rings holds a special place in pop culture. Its spin-off The Hobbit equally. Unmissable for anyone who loves fantasy, the film directed by Peter Jackson immerses us in the origins of the legend alongside Bilbo Baggins.

As he crosses paths with Gandalf the Gray by chance, Bilbo joins a band of dwarves whose leader is none other than the legendary warrior Thorin Oakshield. Their journey will lead them to the heart of the Wild Country, where they will have to face Goblins, Orcs and Wargs. Bilbo will get his hands on a precious ring, which conceals hidden powers…

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