The best comedy movies and series to watch on Netflix right now

The best comedy movies and series to watch on Netflix right now

Laughing is good for your health. All doctors say so! That’s good, Netflix offers many comedies. But they are not all equal… So, follow the guide!

The French catalog of Netflix films is far from equaling its American counterpart. But there are still many feature films that are worth seeing (and some masterpieces anyway). After focusing on science fiction, horror and fantasy films, this time we’ll try to put a smile on your face. Life is certainly not always fun, but some movies always manage to lift our spirits.

We have therefore concocted a selection including some great classics and more recent films to see right now on Netflix. You never know exactly when these disappear from the platform, so hurry up!

Movies to watch on Netflix

Stars stuck in a villa in the middle of the apocalypse. This is the starting postulate of VSis the end. Before the killer interview, Seth Rogen had already called on James Franco for a comedy that looked like the end of the world.

Jay baruchel comes to visit his friend Seth Rogen to The bone Angeles. During an evening, where all the gratin of Hollywood gathered, a terrible disaster pushes the six friends to lock themselves in the villa of James Franco. The lack of provisions and the isolation will quickly make the situation untenable.

  • Monty Python: Holy Grail!

It’s the comedy you have to see. A true jewel of British humour, Sacred Grail has not aged a bit. Clever in its staging and its narration, the film is a real treat for lovers of British humor. It’s good to morale !

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table set out to conquer the Grail, riding ghostly mounts. These brave heroes will have to overcome trials to prove their courage and hope to obtain the ultimate reward.

  • UNCLE Code: Very Special Agents

Guy Ritchie is second to none when it comes to directing the action. After the greats Snap and Crime and Botany Scams, the director puts all his know-how at the service of a spy adventure. A copy mastered from start to finish, which intends to make Mission Impossible and other productions of the genre has-been. For the casting alone, Code UNCLE is not to be missed.

In the early 1960s, two agents from the CIA and the KGB respectively are forced to work together to put an international criminal organization out of harm’s way. They will thus have to learn to tame each other while carrying out their mission.

If you want to shine in society, quoting the films of Jacques Tati is the infallible technique. Mon Oncle is undoubtedly one of his most striking works, a real comic masterstroke that we love to see or see again.

Little Gérard likes to spend time with his uncle, Mr. Hulot, a whimsical and dreamy character who lives in a popular district of the Parisian suburbs. But one day, the little boy’s father decides to forbid him to see him, to find him a job in his plastic factory.

Romantic comedies hold an important place in the Netflix catalog. If all are not equal, Booksmart could be widely described as a nugget. Tender and funny at the same time, Olivia Wilde’s first production brilliantly tackles the themes of the transition to adulthood. Savor it with a plaid and a small tea to survive until the arrival of summer.

Two young girls in their final year realize that they should have enjoyed their “high school years” more. They decide to find a boyfriend before the end of the school year.

Miss America contestants, a terrorist and a loudmouth cop. This is the recipe for this romantic comedy directed by Donald Petrie. So it’s not a masterpiece, but a pure and effective product of the 2000s that will delight fans of Sandra Bullock and tough comedies.

Agent Gracie Hart, who works for the FBI, is given a most perilous mission. She must enter a beauty contest to flush out a terrorist named Citizen, who threatens to blow up the winner on the day of the final.

The series to discover on Netflix

Yes South Park left a lasting mark on the world of adult animation series, Archer is a worthy heir! The themes covered may not be as deep, but the laughter is there. We love the staging which gives the impression of watching a Roy Liechtenstein painting come to life, and the writing which allows us to appreciate each of the characters (which is rather rare).

Archer is a handsome spy who works at an intelligence agency run by his tyrannical mother. Despite very advantageous physical aptitudes, he spends his time thinking about something other than his mission, especially if there is a drink or a pretty woman nearby. A trashy and hilarious James Bond that really deserves a look!

Netflix has been looking for the right recipe for an exclusive series in France for a while now. The firm therefore decided to trust the young Igor Gotesman (already behind the sympathetic Five) to stage Family Business. Gerard Hazan (Gerard Darmon) runs a debt-ridden kosher butcher in the Marais district (Paris). He would like his son Joseph (Jonathan Cohen) to take it back. But the latter would like to sell a much more lucrative commodity there.

We are delighted to find Jonathan Cohen, alias Serge the mytho in these six short episodes rather in the era of time. The tribulations of this Jewish family, which definitely hides many secrets, follow one another in a pleasant and sometimes funny way, without falling too much into caricature. In the mood of time

The Good Place tells the story of Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) who finds herself in a paradise called the Good Place after being run over by a tractor-trailer. Except that Eleanor thinks she was sent to this paradise by mistake, since The Good Place is a place only accessible to the purest souls after their deaths. And that she wasn’t really a worthy person when she was alive.

She will meet a philosopher by the name of Chidi, Tahani, a too-perfect neighbor, and Jason, a wise man who has taken a vow of silence, and will try by all means to improve himself to deserve his place in the Good Place. The pitch may be a little crazy, we dive with pleasure in this series thanks to the performance of Kristen Bell, delicious as a wolf in the sheepfold. His relationship with Danson is certainly comical, but brings a rather unexpected depth to the general subject. We recommend you!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it’s the detective and comic series that we were waiting for (and that we finally had in 2013). Far from Experts or NCIS, the 99th brigade led by a masterful hand by Ray Holt is a real band of broken hands. The characters are all more neurotic than each other, from Amy and her love of plastic sorters to Jake who devotes a real cult to the Die Hard saga. Live sketches, which we take pleasure in accompanying over the years and investigations!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it’s the feel-good sitcom that we watch out of curiosity, and that we end up loving, as much for its completely wacky plots as for its dubious (but hilarious) humor. The first six seasons are currently available on Netflix, while the seventh is expected to premiere by next year.

Sex Education is a Netflix original series from England that has obviously hit the bullseye since critics and viewers have greatly appreciated it. As its name suggests, it focuses on a group of high school students discovering their sexuality. But she approaches the question in a frontal and uninhibited way.

Otis is a shy and reserved teenager whose mother is a sex therapist. By dint of listening to him speak, he will become a real expert on the subject. The pretty Maeve will realize this and use it to answer the many questions of high school couples… And incidentally make a little money!

If the artistic direction, almost anachronistic can disconcert, the rhythm is very good. The themes are modern and formulated for a young audience, capable of identifying with these (sometimes painful) issues. But rest assured the oldest will also have fun remembering this period.

You have loved Ten percentthis is probably your new favourite. Always led by Fanny herrero, Funny intends to take us behind the scenes of the Parisian stand-up. A little jewel of writing, funny and touching which does not hesitate to approach very current themes through its characters. Sharp dialogues, successful stand-up sequences and inspired production, Funny has nothing to envy to its big sister.

Young actors try to make a name for themselves on the Parisian comedy scene. Nezir, Aïssatou, Bling and Apolline are four very different comedians. Between their doubts, their jokes and their courage, they will do everything to (re)make a name for themselves in the world of stand-up.

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