Surfshark VPN launches a new offer, here’s how to save 255€

Surfshark VPN launches a new offer, here’s how to save 255€

Benefit without further delay from an exclusive promotion on the VPN Surfshark: -82% on the subscription + 2 months free.

If more and more Internet users choose to equip themselves with a VPN, it is because it combines the advantages. First of all, a VPN serves to protect your personal data and maintain your privacy on the net. But with a VPN, you will also be able to thwart geo-blocks and circumvent Internet censorship.

The condition for accessing all these advantages is to turn to a quality VPN. And often “quality” rhymes with “high price”. This is not the case today because the famous Surfshark VPN is cutting its rates and offering 2 additional free months. Its package drops to just €2.13 per month (-82%).

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Surfshark VPN: what are the advantages?

If you’re wondering why you should use a VPN, you’ll find plenty of answers to your question when you read about Surfshark VPN features. Indeed, this VPN is responsible for ensuring your security, but not only.

To protect you first, note that Surfshark implements advanced encryption of your browsing data using the powerful AES-256 algorithm. This will prevent your online activities from being read and used by others. Besides that, Surfshark fully masks your IP address which will prevent anyone from knowing your identity. The websites visited cannot be traced back to you.

Surfshark embeds the CleanWeb option which removes unwanted advertisements and blocks malware, in order to offer you a more secure and pleasant navigation. But if this is already excellent, know that this supplier still has resources. In particular, it has more than 3,200 servers, located in 65 different countries.

This global coverage will allow you to connect in all these countries and access their content by fooling geolocation systems. Thus, you can visit foreign websites such as television channels from other countries or new catalogs of streaming platforms (Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, etc.). When you are abroad, the VPN will also serve you since you will be able to access your usual services thanks to it.

It is good to know that all this will be accessible to you everywhere, thanks to the Surfshark application, compatible with the main operating systems (Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux). In addition, this very easy to use VPN can be used on as many devices as you want thanks to unlimited simultaneous connections. You will be able to equip your whole family and even help out your friends without it costing you more.

82% off + 2 months free at Surfshark

As we said in the introduction, it is currently not necessary to break the bank to take advantage of the quality services offered by Surfshark. This VPN actually displays an immediate reduction of 82%, accompanied by 2 months free.

This offer is valid on the 24 month subscription. In this way, the registration period will not last 24 months, but 26. And for such a subscription, Surfshark only asks you for a one-time payment of €55.25, compared to more than €310 in normal times.

The savings made therefore amount to more than €255, which is clearly not to be refused. If you want to know what this represents at the monthly level, know that this offer drops the cost price from €11.97 to only €2.13, which is much more interesting. Remember that with your account, you will benefit from unlimited simultaneous connections.

However, if you are unsure, this offer comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, you can get started without fear, and try the VPN quietly. If you are not satisfied, a simple request within this period to customer service – accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – will allow you to cancel your subscription and receive a refund.

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