Starlink deprived of its frequencies in France

Starlink deprived of its frequencies in France

Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite internet access service, is experiencing a halt in France following the judgment of the Council of State which overturns the decision of Arcep authorizing the launch of the offer in France.

The Council of State, seized by two environmental associations (Agir pour l’environnement and Priartem), criticized Arcep for having omitted public consultation before authorizing Starlink to launch its offer in France. A procedure that is all the more important as this launch is likely to have ” a significant impact on the market for the provision of high-speed Internet access, and to affect users “Explains the administrative jurisdiction.

Arcep in the hot seat

Result: SpaceX can no longer use the two frequency bands granted by Arcep, which allows satellites to be linked to French users of Starlink. A blow for all those who hoped to be able to enjoy high-speed internet access in poorly covered areas.

Acting for the environment is delighted with the decision of the Council of State, the association explains that it ” put things right “. The group calls on Arcep to ” not just formally applying the obligation to consult », and recommends to the regulator to « properly carry out an economic and environmental assessment of the Starlink project.

Arcep takes note of the decision and will launch a consultation as soon as possible. According to the two applicants, Starlink can no longer use these frequencies in the meantime, which will prevent the service from being marketed in France…

Despite the quality and interest of its service in underserved areas, Starlink is facing increasingly outspoken opposition in France. Two ground stations which were to have been set up in the English Channel and in the North will not finally come out of the ground due, among other things, to the fears of local residents about the electromagnetic radiation of equipment… In France, Starlink has only one station based in Gironde.

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