Sony talks about the prices of its new TVs

Sony talks about the prices of its new TVs

Sony will begin announcing pricing for its new Bravia QD-OLED and Mini LED TVs. The Japanese manufacturer also confirms the arrival for pre-order of the X85K and X89K, two new LCD models.

CES 2022 is now far behind us, but spring is an opportunity for Sony to announce the prices of its new televisions. The Japanese manufacturer does not have a reputation for offering cheap models, preferring to bet on quality rather than quality. The method does not change for the Bravia XR 2022 TV line, which includes many models. A wind of change is blowing at the Japanese giant, which is finally joining the movement of mini LED and put on the QD-OLED. These two keywords attract attention, but they are not the only novelties of the Bravia XR 2022 range. We were able to discover a good part of them last January, at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022.

Besides the mini 8K LEDthis year we find televisions 4K mini LED, QD-OLED and models OLED and LCD more traditional. The top of the pyramid is occupied by 8K TVs and the prices are, inevitably, very high. The mini LED Z95K of the Master series are announced at 6,999.99 euros in the 75-inch version and just under 10,000 dollars for the 85-inch model. We are still waiting for the price in euros for France, while the series must land for pre-order this summer.

Dollar prices for new QD-OLED and mini-LED TVs

For its televisions QD-OLED, Sony relies on Samsung Display news. If Samsung also plans to offer a television QD-OLED in this market, the Japanese giant should be the first to launch screens equipped with this technology. The novelty effect does not help to lower prices and the series QD-OLED A95K will be of $2,999.99 for the 55-inch model; and $3,999.99 for the 65 inch version. For comparison, Samsung offers QD-OLED panels for $2,199.99 in 55 inches and $2,999.99 for the 65-inch one. For information, Sony’s first QD-OLED television is displayed in Germany at €3,049 in the 55 inch version (140 cm, XR-55A95K) and €3,499s in the 65-inch version (165 cm, XR-65A95K).

the 4K mini LED is not left out with the range X95K which is already displayed on the French site. For the time being, however, you need prices in dollars with an entry ticket at $2,799.99 for 65 inches; $3,799.99 for the 75 inch and $5,499.99 for an 85 inch model. Once again, our German neighbors are already seeing this TV appear on €3,499 (65 inches, 165cm), €4,499 (75 inches, 190 cm) and €6,499 (85 inches, 215cm).

Sony Bravia XR 2022 TV
© Sony

Sony also offers a series A90K Master which targets the players; with OLED televisions available in 48 inches ($1,499.99) and 42 inches ($1,399.99). HDMI 2.1 is included, with 120 Hz refresh and VRR functionality. Finally, there are also “classic” OLED televisions such as the series A80K. This is announced from $1,999.99 in 55 inches and has HDM 2.1 support.

Across the Rhine, it is necessary to count €2,299 for the tv A80K in 55 inches or €3,199 in 65 inches. Finally, the 77-inch (195 cm) version is displayed at €4,499. Note that Sony also offers a more affordable OLED range called A75K.

We will update this information as soon as Sony communicates the prices of these televisions for France.

And for France? Two new LCD TVs are coming

Sony is not to be outdone and is starting to offer these new televisions in France. The brand confirms the opening of pre-orders for the Bravia LED 4K Ultra HD X85K and X89K. Both models are LCD TVs with 120Hz screens and two HDMI 2.1 ports. They embed a 4K HDR X1 processor and the manufacturer’s technologies, including 4K X-Reality Pro and Trimulinos Pro image processing.

The audio part is based on X-Balanced speakers and these televisions are compatible with the Bravia Cam or the Ambient Optimization Pro. Sony relies on the Google experience for these X85K and X89K ; televisions offered with diagonals ranging from 43 inches to 85 inches.

Regarding the prices, they are official and the range X85K/X89K starts at less than 1,000 euros. The rates have:

  • 999 euros in 43 inches (KD-43X89K, KD-43X85K)
  • €1,199 in 50 inches (KD-50X89K, KD-50X85K)
  • €1,299 in 55 inches (KD-55X89K, KD-55X85K)
  • €1,599 in 65 inches (KD-65X89K, KD-65X85K)
  • €2,199 in 75 inches (KD-75X89K, KD-75X85K)
  • €2,999 in 85 inches (KD-85X85K)

These TVs are starting to appear at major retailers.

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