Small price on the Yeedi 2 Hybrid, the robot vacuum cleaner that has everything of a big

Small price on the Yeedi 2 Hybrid, the robot vacuum cleaner that has everything of a big

Tired of having to vacuum or mop? Would you like to free yourself from these household chores? Why not consider acquiring a robot vacuum cleaner. At the moment, there is a good deal on the Yeedi 2 Hybrid on Amazon’s side.

Vacuuming or mopping is not really the most pleasant activity there is. You usually have to move chairs, furniture, and sometimes even do some contortionist tricks. If you want to say goodbye to all these household chores, and make the most of your free time, it would be a good idea to buy a robot vacuum cleaner. As part of the spring flash sales, the e-commerce giant Amazon allows you to equip yourself with the Yeedi 2 Hybrid at a reduced price. Indeed, while it is generally necessary to pay 299.99 euros to equip yourself with this very powerful model, a reduction of 90 euros brings down its price to only 209.99 euros.

Like what, it is not necessary to spend a fortune to acquire this type of device which tends to be democratized in the homes of the French. Of course, home delivery is free and you have a return period of up to 30 days after delivery in case this robot vacuum cleaner does not do the trick. Also, for more comfort, you can also when you order on Amazon, choose the facility of payment in 4 monthly installments. For 209.99 euros instead of 299.99 euros, this Yeedi 2 Hybrid has serious arguments to make. This is what we will see immediately.

Take advantage of the offer on the Yeedi 2 Hybrid

Yeedi 2 Hybrid: the low-cost robot vacuum cleaner that has all the big stuff

No, robot vacuum cleaners under 250 euros are not gimmicks. And yes, they are necessarily less efficient than what costs double. That said, some models like the Yeedi 2 Hybrid offer features that are similar to those found on the most expensive models on the market. First of all, the suction power of this Yeedi 2 Hybrid is capable of reaching up to 2500 Pa. Which is therefore more than enough to suck up all the dust and dirt that it will encounter on its way. It is also capable of cleaning several surfaces including rugs, carpets, parquet floors, tiles, hard floors.

Then, there is also a water tank with a capacity of 240ml and a mop. The latter allows the Yeedi 2 Hybrid to wash the floors after having vacuumed them. The smart robot vacuum applies a similar continuous pressure when mopping, with a constant amount of water, to deliver an even, streak-free clean. Another significant strong point is also its autonomy of 3h20 provided by the presence of its monster battery of 5200 mAh. This is much more than the majority of robot vacuum cleaners which rather stagnate at 1h30 of use. You can therefore use it in your apartment, house, or even for the offices of your company. Like the majority of robot vacuum cleaners, you can set routines and control it from the dedicated application available for free on the Play Store or on the App Store.

Finally, in case you have to concentrate on your work, or when baby is taking a nap, know that you can use the Yeedi 2 Hybrid at the same time without being disturbed since it has a silent mode allowing it to clean in complete safety. discretion. Rather practical! In conclusion, the Yeedi 2 Hybrid robot vacuum cleaner is a very efficient, durable and versatile device that vacuums and cleans discreetly and efficiently. At the unbeatable price of 209.99 euros instead of 299.99 euros at Amazon, it represents the best alternative to the most expensive solutions and will become your favorite daily companion since in addition to cleaning for you, it will make you at the same time saving precious time.

To discover the offer on the Yeedi 2 Hybrid it’s here:

Take advantage of the offer on the Yeedi 2 Hybrid

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