Selection of fantasy, SF or horror films to watch on Netflix

Selection of fantasy, SF or horror films to watch on Netflix

Fancy a bit of science fiction? Here are the best series and the best films of the genre to discover on Netflix right now.

Notice to lovers of good old SF, the Netflix catalog is full of nuggets of the genre. If you don’t know what to watch tonight, and you’re in an adventurous mood, here are some science fiction movies and series you can’t miss.

Science fiction movies to watch on Netflix

Some would say that somehow it is theArmageddon Chinese. Others might even compare the plot of this film to the boundless ambition of China. Film adaptation of the eponymous novel by highly acclaimed Liu Cixin, The Wandering Earth is, on its release in Chinese theaters, the second biggest historical success of its box office.

It must be said that the means and the stakes are on an unprecedented scale: in this film, the sun on the decline pushes the human population to move the Earth to a new star using giant reactors. If such a premise is beyond comprehension, the unfolding of the plot quite easily puts the viewer’s feet back on the ground, thanks to the strength of the family relationship that the main characters maintain between them.

If you already know blade runner, in all its “cuts”, by heart, and that you love the Cyberpunk video game, a French film could well surprise you. Rather than wandering between the neon lights of the streets of Neo Tokyo or a future Los Angeles, Ares takes you to a dystopian Paris where the only source of entertainment is a league of “free fight” populated by transhuman athletes.

Its eponymous main character gets bogged down in a case that mixes the classics of the cyberpunk genre: corruption, manipulation and insurrection. A good combo for lovers of cyberpunk and fight movies!

  • Godzilla (animated trilogy)

Originality and re-interpretations of great pop cultural mainstays aren’t always welcome, but some are full of great ideas. The recent trilogy of Japanese animated films Godzilla – which brings together planet of the monsters, City on the edge of battle and planet eater – is one of his less conventional works that has caused real debate with fans.

In this trilogy, an oversized (and that is to say) and indestructible Godzilla pushes humanity to leave Earth aboard a gigantic ship to wander through space in search of a new home. After thousands of years of wandering, she eventually returns to Earth to take her revenge. Taken together, the three films manage to rework certain foundations of the Godzilla universe without taking their eyes off its founding themes.

Don’t be fooled by the trailer for I am mother. If this one gives him the era of yet another sensationalist science fiction film, in reality it is almost nothing. It is actually morea psychological thriller immersed in a science fiction universe and brings it almost closer to a Solaris by Andrei Tarkovsky.

When you’ve lived your whole life behind closed doors, brought up to believe in a conception of the world, who should you believe when it crumbles in the face of the reality of the outside world? Can we trust the adoptive mother, of another species, who raised us? These are the questions posed by Australian Grant Sputore in a debut film that doesn’t seem like it.

Christopher Nolan is second to none when it comes to disrupting a genre. After the heist film with Inceptionthe filmmaker tackles science fiction with Interstellar. This visual feat has not aged a bit, and even in 2022 sits among our favorite films. Its narration is not left out either, oscillating between drama and adventure story.

Cooper and Brand are on a quest for a new habitable planet to colonize in order to save humanity. They will use their interstellar ship to cross a new space gap and push the limits of space.

Stranger Things before Stranger Thingsit gives Super 8 directed by JJ Abrams. Before tackling the license Star Wars, the filmmaker was already making a love letter to the genre with a retro epic in the land of the aliens. A popcorn film in the pure tradition of the genre, but also a visual tour de force that will fit seamlessly into the classics.

In 1979, in a small town in Ohio, teenagers witnessed a spectacular train disaster while shooting a Super 8 film. They soon realized that it was not an accident, as startling disappearances and inexplicable events occur.

  • Don’t Look Up: Cosmic Denial

Using an astronomical catastrophe to address society and its failings is the bet of Adam McKay’s new film. With his political satire, the director ingeniously recounts conspiracy, ecology and political interference. A comedy of the absurd, tender and sharp at the same time.

Two poor astronomers embark on a gigantic media tour to warn humanity that a comet is heading towards the Earth and is about to destroy it.

And since we appreciate you, here’s a little extra.

  • blade runner 2049
  • Watchmen: The Guardians
  • Pacific Rim
  • star trek
  • Edge of Tomorrow
  • The saga Back to the future
  • I’m a legend

The best sci-fi series to watch on Netflix

What if teenagers were alone on Earth. Inspired by His Majesty of the Flies, this series tells the story of 100 young delinquents sent to Earth several years after the annihilation of humanity.

Far from the vessel that saw them grow up, these explorers must learn to live together in hostile land as they discover that they are not the only inhabitants of the blue planet.

A controlled survival in its first seasons, but which runs out of steam a little over the episodes. For lovers of teenage productions, The 100 is nevertheless a very attractive proposition.

Prairie Johnson reappears after a seven-year absence. Disappeared suddenly, the child who was blind at the time is no longer so when she returns. What could have happened to him? That’s what the FBI will try to find out.

Served by a sumptuous realization, the series of Brit Marling and Zal Bantmanglij shines with a thousand lights. Thanks to its strangeness, the series captivates. A real UFO, which we greatly appreciated discovering for two seasons, before the trip suddenly stopped for lack of an audience.

Do you like animation? Here is a little gem straight out of Netflix’s suitcase. In collaboration with Tim Miller, the platform gives birth to an inventive and eclectic anthology. In both seasons, poetic fables, epileptic adventures and gory moments with strong visual identities and varied inspirations rub shoulders.

Suspicious yogurt, lycanthrope soldiers and garbage monsters: all these beautiful people have come together for an adventure in 18 animated short films. Sensitive souls refrain.

Before being a live-action series on Netflix, cowboy bebop is above all a cult anime of the 90s. Straight out of the imagination of Shin’ichirô Watanabe, the production quickly established itself as a reference in the genre, thanks to its careful staging and its melancholy tone.

The story follows the passengers of the Bebop, in the year 2071, who travel across the solar system in search of bounties. In the slang of the time, these hunters are called cowboys. Spike Spiegel, the leader, hides a heavy past which will be revealed over the episodes.

We still have some for you…

  • Lost in Space
  • The Silence Sea
  • 3%
  • rick and morty
  • black-mirror
  • Dark
  • Altered Carbon

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