Samsung will improve the storage of our smartphones

Samsung will improve the storage of our smartphones

Samsung announces the UFS 4.0 standard and promises higher speeds, as well as better energy efficiency. With this development, we could also see more smartphones with 512 GB and 1 TB of storage.

When buying a new smartphone, we tend to look at the storage capacity. This element is one of the biggest selling points, as microSD card slots become increasingly scarce. On the other hand, the type of storage is often overlooked and may even seem obscure to many users. When presenting a new model or looking at the data sheet of your device, you will however see that most Android smartphones bear the mention UFS. Standard Universal Flash Storage (UFS) is a flash memory specification for many electronic devices, including mobiles. Currently, there are many smartphones using the version 3.0 Where 3.1 of the UFS.

Samsung wants to take a new step and has just presented theUFS 4.0 which uses the manufacturer’s V-NANG Gen 7 memory; as well as proprietary control. This association allows version 4.0 to offer up to 4200 MB/s sequential read ; and up to 2,800 MB/s sequential write. This evolution in storage technology also promises to improve energy efficiency by 46% over the previous generation.

Doubled bandwidth and better energy efficiency

The South Korean group also highlights speeds of 23.2 Gb/s per line ; is double theUFS 3.1 (11.6 Gbps). According to Samsung, this amount of “bandwidth is perfect for 5G smartphones that need huge amounts of data processing”. The firm expects this version 4.0 of the UFS standard is used for virtual, augmented and automotive reality.

For consumers, this change is the promise of improved performance and fuel consumption. The arrival of theUFS 4.0 also guarantees a charging socket up to 1TB of storage ; which could lead manufacturers to offer more smartphones equipped with 512 GB and 1 TB of storage. At present, these amounts of storage are generally reserved for high-end devices.

Samsung expects the production of MassageUFS 4.0 will begin in the third quarter. It could debut on smartphones before the end of the year ; or in the Galaxy S23 in the first quarter of 2023. For more on Samsung’s announcement regarding UFS 4.0, please visit this message posted on Twitter by the Samsung Semiconductor account.

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