Razer presents its next Blade 15, and the screen looks fabulous

Razer presents its next Blade 15, and the screen looks fabulous

Razer’s Blade laptops may be pricey, but they’re not without arguments; and this will be all the more true for this 2022 edition with three beautiful screen options.

In the land of laptops that don’t bother with any concessions, Asus has been part of the decor for years now. Its Blade models, in particular, are often among the most attractive references on the market, despite their traditionally very high prices. And this year will be no exception; ASUS is back in force with a 2022 edition of its Blade 15 which already looks impressive.

Even if it is impossible to observe the machine in detail for the moment, it seems that Asus has recovered its traditional chassis almost entirely. We therefore find this very elegant and pleasantly sober CNC milled aluminum covering for a device in this segment. It’s also slightly thinner than the previous version, with 17mm at the hinge compared to 20mm on the 2021 model.

A trio of great screen options

But we have to wait to open this beautiful hood to get down to business. Indeed, this machine has a strong argument that will make gamers as well as artists purr: whatever the model chosen, there is bound to be an excellent screen option waiting for you, with OLED panels. suitable for all uses.

Brightness is a bit behind at just 400 nits. But that’s the only criticism we can make of it. The most competitive and demanding players will be able to express all their talent thanks to an FHD option capable of delivering… 360 frames per second, all with a response time of 2ms.

On the other side of the spectrum, creators and artists will be able to limit themselves to 144 Hz to benefit from a 4K panel. The latter will also be delighted to learn that this Blade 15 has excellent colorimetric coverage (100% of the DCI-P3 gamut). And between the two, there is also a QHD 240 Hz option – the very first in the world in this segment – ​​which should be an excellent intermediary.

Always high level hardware

The machine will be powered by a 12th generation Intel Core processor. Options will range from the i7-12800H to the excellent i9-12900H, a chip that is at the very top of the hierarchy in the portable segment today. It will be supported by an Nvidia graphics card ranging from the RTX 3070 to the RTX 3080 Ti. In any case, the set will be accompanied by 32 GB of DDR5 clocked at 4800 Hz and cooled thanks to a vapor chamber.

The basic model will be entitled to a 1 TB M.2 SSD, but also to a second M.2 slot which will double the available storage space. And like its predecessors, we can expect quite decent connectivity with USB-C, USB-A, full-size HDMI and an SD card reader.

Finally, note also that the keyboard of this new model will be entitled to individual RGB lighting for each key, as opposed to the 2021 model which did not offer this degree of control.

This 2022 Razer Blade 15 will be available from the 4th quarter of 2022, at a price that will range between $2499 (approximately €2374) and $3999 (approximately €3799). Note that prices may change slightly once these machines are officially available on the European store.

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