post-credits scene, season 2, what to remember from episode 6!

post-credits scene, season 2, what to remember from episode 6!

Moon Knight is over. After six episodes, the Marvel series with Oscar Isaac bows out this Wednesday, May 4. A trip, quite destabilizing, which is still far from having revealed all its secrets. Back to this last chapter.

For six weeks, Marvel fans have been closely following the adventures of Marc Spector and his alter ego Steven Grant on the small screen. With a completely new character in the MCU, a first in the history of Disney +, Moon Knight intends to explore the origins of this superhero long considered the Batman of Marvel.

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A delirious dive into the psyche of a disturbed protagonist, with a split personality. Thanks to this mythological adventure, Marvel can approach for the first time in its history the notion of mental health. An exercise far from obvious, but that the House of Ideas ultimately succeeded rather well overall. At the time of the balance sheet, the balance leans rather on the side of the good surprise, but if the production is not free from defect.

After a rather spectacular fifth episode, which explored the traumatic past of Marc Spector, we have to admit that the conclusion is not quite up to our expectations. With its reduced duration, this last episode rushes things a little too much for our taste, preferring to focus on the spectacular confrontation between the two colossal deities, Khonshu and Ammit. Result, it is very difficult to understand the last scene.

oscar isaac in MoonKnight
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Fiction or reality?

After freeing himself from Khonshu’s grip, Marc finds himself in the office of the psychiatrist camped by Ethan Hawke. Freed from the Moon God’s grip, Marc and Steven find themselves on death’s door with a crucial choice to make: believe in these deities or renounce them. Obviously, the first option wins. We find them a few moments later in their London apartment.

The answer to the question: “Is all this true?” remains at the discretion of the viewer. The dialogue also underlines this idea during the exchange between Doctor Harrow and Steven/Marc.

Jack Lockley in Moon Knight
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The crazier we are…

Marvel fans are used to the arrival of the credits not necessarily signaling the end of the adventure. If so far Moon Knight did not have any post-credits scene, you will have to make sure to stay until the very end of this sixth episode so as not to miss anything. We find Arthur Harrow / Ammit in a psychiatric hospital. The goddess is now locked in the body of a mortal, whom Marc refused to kill.

But Khonshu has not said his last word, he intends to carry out his mission. We could already suspect it with the final confrontation scene: Marc does not have two, but three distinct personalities. As in the comics, the character juggles three lives except that this time, he is not aware of it.

Marc shares his carnal envelope with a certain Jack Lockley. In the comics, he’s a taxi driver that Marc uses to find out what’s going on in his town. Here, he serves as Khonshu’s henchman without Marc and Steven noticing.

disney+ may calamawy
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A season 2 on the program?

If things seem a little rushed to us in this conclusion, it is perhaps because it is not really one. Since the launch of its platform, Disney+ has not renewed any of its Marvel series with the exception of What if? and Loki. It must be said that most of them served as a bridge to a new cinematographic production.

Wandavision introduces Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Hawkeye a potential solo adventure of Kate Bishop and also and above all the series Echo and Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Captain America 4. While Moon Knight does not refer to any existing MCU production, difficult to know where the character could well find its place.

What if it was just on Disney+? On Twitter, Marvel changed the promotional message of the last episode which mentioned “series finale”, finale of the series in French. From now on, the sixth episode is displayed as “season finale”.

This change has not gone unnoticed by fans, who are already hoping that Moon Knight will be entitled to a second burst of episodes. It must be said that the narrative possibilities are numerous.

We would nevertheless wait for the formalization of Marvel before popping the champagne. The firm will probably first assess the success of the series before confirming its return to our screens. The Disney+ audience measurement system being quite obscure, it is very difficult to know how many subscribers have watched the series from start to finish. The production being a little confusing at first glance, and unrelated to the MCU, some will no doubt have preferred to go their own way.

Moon Knight in the MCU

Marvel isn’t really used to leaving its characters in their corner. We can therefore imagine that he crosses paths with other protagonists of the license at some point. In the comics, he has also faced several. He met Spider-Man, Bushman or even Hawkeye. With Marvel already planning the next 10 years of its cinematic universe, the possibilities are endless.

Moon Knight is far from having revealed all its secrets, and we are already impatient at the idea of ​​discovering what its new cycle has in store for us. To see or review season 1, go to Disney +. The next Marvel appointment on the platform will take place in barely a month with Miss Marvel. The series is due out on next june 8.

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