Paramount+ arrives in Europe with a hell of a strike force

Paramount+ arrives in Europe with a hell of a strike force

Even before its launch in France and helped by the popularity of the Halo series, Paramount+ is recording record growth.

It’s the war of SVOD services on the globe. In France, while Netflix, Amazon and Disney+ are already jostling to gain market share, another player will soon enter the game. Paramount, legendary studio in Hollywood, plans to establish itself on the European market.

The first countries to benefit from this access will be Ireland and the United Kingdom. It is next June that the platform will be able to offer its first subscriptions on these soils. In France, we will probably have to wait until the end of the year.

Paramount+ already has a fairly impressive strike force, just after its official launch. Remember that the offer already existed since 2014, in the form of CBS All Access. Paramount+ was therefore not born out of the blue. Nevertheless, the offer seems to have solid arguments to impose itself as a destination of choice for lovers of SF or fantasy.

In its quarterly report, while Netflix and others are recording a significant slowdown in their growth, Paramount+ has recruited en masse. The platform has just exceeded 62 million cumulative subscribers. Paramount+ would now have no less than 40 million subscribers in America. 6.8 million additional subscriptions for this last quarter, while Netflix records losses for the first time in ten years.

Figures that should increase further with the deployment of the offer in new territories. The combination of the two offers, scheduled for this summer, should also give new impetus to Paramount+ and Showtime. However, the latter recorded a setback in its growth, it would have lost no less than 500,000 users this quarter. The opportunity for the CEO to recall the need to quickly apply his new strategy.

A bundle that has something to convince

This summer, US users will witness the fcombination of Showtime and Paramount+ offers. Like Disney + with Hulu in Europe, or Warner and Discovery, the firm will not apply the adage divide and conquer. Paramount Global CEO Robert Bakish explains:

“The first quarter once again demonstrated the power and potential of Paramount’s unique assets, as well as the company’s continued momentum.”

It is this bundled offer that should be offered in France via the Canal+ Ciné Séries portal. The opportunity for French spectators to discover new productions, from the bookseller star trek for example. As a reminder, Halothe latest series on the platform, is currently offered via Canal offers.

Inspired by eponymous video games, the production caused a stir across the Atlantic. Its arrival on Paramount + could also explain the interest of users for the offer.

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