Oppo Enco X2 review, perfect for Oppo smartphones

Oppo Enco X2 review, perfect for Oppo smartphones

Oppo returns with high-end wireless headphones and still in partnership with Dynaudio. Here is our opinion on the Oppo Enco X2.

Yes, the market for wireless headphones is super crowded, especially since all smartphone brands are offering them. The reason ? According to statistics, it seems that 80% of users are more likely to acquire headphones from their smartphone brand rather than another brand. In addition to the smartphone, it is therefore a significant market for all smartphone manufacturers.

Also, to accompany its new Find X5 Pro and Find X5, Oppo is offering new high-end wireless headphones this year. here are the Oppo Enco X2 and yes, they are always developed in partnership with the Danish audio manufacturer, Dynaudio. And as for its smartphones, Oppo has not gone too far with the technical characteristics, it is very complete.

Oppo Enco X2

Introducing the Oppo Enco X2

Last year, Oppo had already surprised the audio world with its Enco range with excellent sound quality, whatever the range. The Oppo Enco X, first of the name, were successful with a quality sound but sinned on the active noise reduction, too discreet for our taste. This year, Oppo didn’t want to go wrong with its high-end headphones. Also, the Enco X2 offer better noise reduction, the possibility of pairing two devices at the same time, wireless charging of the case, IP54 certification, support for the LHDC codec and record autonomy for this kind of product.

Oppo Enco X2

With a case all in roundness, we find a case almost similar to that offered by its predecessors. Ditto for the headphones, it is not the same design either since the Enco X2 are in themselves only an evolution with a more modern, less rounded design. On the other hand, we would have liked a matte finish and not a shiny one like last year. As you will have noticed, Oppo offers us in-ear and non-open headphones. If the Enco X offered a touch surface on each of the headphones for controls, the Oppo Enco X2 adopt the same process as Apple’s AirPods, namely controls by pinching the stem of the headphones. In practice, we can only agree with Apple since it is much more precise and less prone to errors. With a weight of less than 5g per earphone, the Oppo Enco X2 fit very well in the ear. Once we had chosen the right tips, we no longer noticed any problems with the outfit.

Technical characteristics

The Enco X2 are IP54 certified and are resistant to water and dust, which allows use during sports sessions or in the rain for example. But that’s not all for the technical characteristics since Oppo’s headphones are Hi-Res Audio certified with support for the LHDC codec (more info HERE). So yes, the channel must be complete to enjoy it, but it happens. Of course, we find the more classic codecs such as AAC and SBC. Note that the SBC codec consumes more energy. And as we said above, the Oppo Enco X2 offer pairing with two devices at the same time and a little bonus, if you use the Enco X2 with an Oppo Find X5 to film, it is possible to film with sound binaural. Always appreciated. And finally, paired with an iPhone 13 Pro and an Oppo Find X5 Pro, we had no disconnections or other inconveniences.

Oppo Enco X2

Regarding the case, if it is not the most imposing, it remains larger than others and some may criticize its size. And if this is not a determining criterion, we appreciate the wireless charging of the box. And speaking of recharging, know that the Oppo Enco X2 offer a range of up to 5.5 hours (with active noise reduction) and 9 hours (without active noise reduction). Added to this are about 3 refills thanks to the box. Everything will depend on the codec used and the use of active noise reduction, but if you are careful, you can reach 40 hours. From our tests with active noise reduction all the time, we were within Oppo’s figures and in our usage, it was one charge per week, more for peace of mind than out of necessity.

Noise Reduction and Sound

And so, speaking of active noise reduction, we can now say it’s day and night compared to its predecessors. Indeed, according to Oppo, the Enco X2s are twice as good at blocking outside sounds and we can only confirm this. We are at the level of what Samsung or even Sony offer. So, we don’t have the finesse of what Sony offers but it is clear that Oppo has done a good job. Without music, for example, we can always hear the classic noises in a café, but once the music starts, we find ourselves in our bubble. And this bubble is maintained in public transport, even on an airplane. But it was in the case of the latter that we could see how much audio brands like Sony remained ahead.

Oppo Enco X2

It is also recalled that the Oppo Enco X2 are in-ear and in fact offer good passive isolation. But what impressed us the most was the good wind resistance of Oppo’s headphones. It’s at the level of Apple AirPods and it’s not nothing since even Apple Beats remain sensitive to the wind. As a result, in conversation, we had no complaints from our correspondents about the sound. And speaking of conversation, Oppo offers, like Sony, a voice sensor via bone conduction, which leads us to report what our correspondents: it’s excellent, we can hear us very well.

And for the sound itself, we knew that the partnership with Dynaudio had been conclusive last year and we are happy to find it because yes, the Oppo Enco X2 offer excellent audio quality. From our tests, we found a warm, rich and precise sound. With processing reminiscent of Bose or Apple, the bass is controlled and does not distort the treble or midrange. In any case, unlike American brands, you can always customize the sound with a few presets (Note that additional settings are only available in Asia). We would have liked a real personalization but it is not for now. As usual, the tests were done on compositions by Ryuichi Sakamoto, Rich Bryan’s RAP without forgetting Pop classics like Bon Entendeur. The restitution of the instruments is impressive.


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