On OCS, this series will make you want to have children

On OCS, this series will make you want to have children

Aren’t they cute? With their little faces and their babbling. If you are not too fond of children, this series on OCS may disgust you for good.

These are the stars of bloopers and other video compilations. Babies are an unlimited source of delight, except when they turn into serial killers in diapers. If you do not want to become parents, the new series of HBO Max may comfort you in your choice. You can also send your insistent loved ones to the OCS platform to prove to them that they are far from always being so endearing.

The Baby, developed by HBO Max, follows the adventures of Natasha. This 38-year-old woman categorically refuses to have children, but finds herself against her will decked out with a toddler fallen from the sky. Manipulative, control freak and endowed with violent powers, the baby turns Natasha’s life into a horror movie. Where is he from ? What does he want ? And how far will Natasha have to go to get her life back? She doesn’t want a baby. The baby wants it…

After working on Sex Education, Siân Robins-Grace explores horror and comedy with her new production. She is also well surrounded since Lucy Gaymer (flea bag and Gangs of London) is also in the game. The two screenwriters will lead this adventure with an iron fist that promises some thrills.

Behind the camera, the channel calls on Nicole Kassel to stage this horrific motherhood. The filmmaker is not at his first attempt at HBO since he has produced several episodes of the most popular series in his catalog. She signed several chapters of The Leftovers, Westworld and watch men.

A Series Mania revelation

If ordinary mortals have to wait for the April 25 to discover The Baby, the festival-goers of Série Mania in Lille have already had the opportunity to see a little more. The series was presented on this occasion, and even won an award. Michelle de Swarte, who plays Natasha and who was revealed by the series The Duchesswas crowned best actress during the closing ceremony of this 2022 edition. What to offer a nice spotlight for what promises to be a production of a wonderful strangeness.

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