Netflix is ​​launching a category that will save you time!

Netflix is ​​launching a category that will save you time!

Netflix is ​​launching a “Short Ass Movies” category for movie nights! Here is the selection inspired by Pete Davidson’s recommendations.

Are the movies too long? At least that’s what Pete Davidson thinks, used to the Saturday Night Live. This weekend, he created an ode to footage falling below the two-hour mark, through a humorous rap clip.

After tackling The Batman, the comedian shared some very personal movie recommendations. It pays tribute to films of all genres, which do not require a pee break and which will allow you not to stay up late to be finished.

As one might suspect, The Irishman is not part of the selection with its three hours and thirty minutes. On the other hand, Miss Daisy and her driver largely pass the test of productions to be tasted in an hour and a half.

The sequence caused a strong reaction on social networks, at a time when more and more films are playing extra time. Netflix was quick to react, with the creation of a dedicated category. On Twitter, the platform welcomes Pete Davidson’s idea and announces the launch of a category “Short Ass Movies”in reference to the song.

Obviously, the selection in our green regions is not the same as in the United States, media chronology and international agreements oblige. In France, Netflix recommends among other things baby sitting 2 or Hancock. We also find the brio with Camélia Jordana and Daniel Auteuil or even Problemscomedy directed by Eric Judor.

The full list can be found here. Write it down, you might need it for your next movie night. On our side, we also make a small selection of films for you to see or watch again, without spending two hours in front of your screen.

As a zombie invasion strikes humanity, four characters cross paths in the middle of this apocalypse. If some are more comfortable than others with the ghouls navigating the city.

Take Screamadd lots of parodies, and you have one of the most iconic comedies of the 90s. Pastiche of the classics of the genre, Scary Movie follows Drew Becker, a young girl haunted by a maniac on the phone. With his friends, they have to face a serial killer who attracts the curiosity of journalists and crime story enthusiasts.

  • Hotel Transylvania
  • Monty Python: Holy Grail!
  • The Poppy Hill

Umi is a young high school girl who lives in an old building perched on top of a hill overlooking the port of Yokohama. Every morning, since her father disappeared at sea, she hoists two flags facing the bay, like a message on the horizon. One day, an attractive young man decides to write an article about this moving signal. Their relationship will take an unexpected turn with the discovery of a secret that surrounds their birth and seems to bind them…

  • She’s gotta have it
  • Isn’t it Romantic
  • Best Enemies
  • The toy
  • Sausage Party

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