Netflix cancels another series on the way

Netflix cancels another series on the way

With Steve Carell, John Malkovitch and Lisa Kudrow to name a few, the golden cast of this series will not have been enough to save it.

Unfortunately, there will be no sequel for the space series of the best boss of The Office US. Netflix makes the decision to end Steve Carell’s project and fires the SpaceForce in orbit, away from its streaming platform.

The first season of the comedy series was released in 2020 and received mixed reviews. Inspired by real facts, SpaceForce attempted to chronicle the creation of the sixth branch of the US military ordered by former US President Donald Trump.

Despite a difficult start, Netflix had decided to give Steve Carell’s project a second chance and a season 2 was still ordered. The shooting of this one was then carried out in Vancouver to limit the production costs in comparison to the first season which had been carried out under the sun of Los Angeles.

This season 2, acting as an attempt to catch up, arrived last February, and unfortunately failed to win enough viewers to justify a sequel according to Netflix. Indeed, when the platform cancels a series, it is very often for lack of audience, and here, the series will have struggled to find a place in the rankings of the American ratings company Nielsen.

A slim hope of return?

Even though this season was much better received than the previous one, and the plot was starting to take off, SpaceForce leaves for the cosmos for good and will not return to set foot on the ground.

The problem is that once again, Netflix stops a series halfway through without it being able to receive a proper ending. Season 2 ends on a cliffhanger to which fans of Steve Carell’s project will have no answer… Unless another broadcaster picks up the series.

This case has already happened in the past with the series As the days go by in particular, which although it was originally a Netflix series, was able to continue for a while on another broadcaster before being canceled again.

Hopefully, between this show’s absolutely insane cast, Steve Carell’s expertise, and the new season’s best reception, fans might have a chance to find their show on another platform. However, this is probably more dream than reality.

If the cancellation of SpaceForce leaves you in need of comedy series, know that a sequel to a cult sitcom from the 90s and 2000s will arrive very soon on Netflix and promises to make an impression.

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