Netflix adds a feature that will make your life easier

Netflix adds a feature that will make your life easier

The platform introduces the two thumbs up feature, a kind of Netflix-style super-like.

On Netflix, the algorithm saves users valuable time. By analyzing the consumption habits of its subscribers, the platform recommends similar films or series. In the panorama of offers of its kind, the Netflix interface is undoubtedly the most successful. It must be said that the firm of Reed Hastings has been in the game for a long time, so it has had time to refine its copy.

Nevertheless, it has not stopped developing new tools to improve the user experience. In a press release, Netflix announces the gradual deployment of a button Two thumps Up Where Of them thumbs up for anglophobes. After having eliminated its star rating system, in favor of thumbs up or down, the Red N intends to offer the possibility of “super-liking” certain films and series.

The goal is obviously for users to refine their selection, by adding productions that they particularly liked to their list. Based on its ratings, the algorithm will then determine what your favorite genre is, but also which directors you particularly adore.

Christina Doig CardetDirector of Product Innovation and Experience Personalization at Netflix, explains:

“Members have never had as many entertainment options as they do today. Being able to find the shows and movies you’ll love is really important. We want to continue to make Netflix the easiest place to choose something to watch. That’s a big part of what we want to invest in, providing these mechanisms to give more control back to the user to help them tailor their experience to their personal tastes.

Many new features in 2022

Recently, the platform offered the possibility to all its users to clean up their selection “Keep watching”. If you started a series or a movie, but you don’t like it, the feature allows you to remove it from the list so you can enjoy the content you really like.

Without saying much more about what awaits us, Netflix reaffirms its desire to perfect its user experience at all times. A few features are still missing, hopefully the platform plans to add them soon.

We obviously think of the possibility of receiving an alert when a film or series that we have added to our list is about to disappear from the catalog. We could also appreciate the arrival of the category grouping all the productions which will soon leave its ranks, just to make sure not to miss anything.

On the web version, the super-like is already available. To access it, just hover your mouse over the I like this title tab and select the dedicated button.

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