Monkey Island is back, with a sequel we expected more

Monkey Island is back, with a sequel we expected more

Return to Monkey Island marks the return of a license that fans never thought they would see again.

Watch out boys, the clumsy Guybrush Threepwood is back to turn the point’n click world upside down with Return to Monkey Islandfreshly announced by Ron Gilbert and Developer Digital.

After being lost for years in the copyright abyss, the license Monkey Island is finally freed from the tentacles of the kraken of intellectual property. Against all odds, it will return to center stage this year with a new episode, a direct follow-up to Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge.

Freshwater sailors will also be delighted to learn that Ron Gilbert, creator of the original two episodes of the series, is back to direct this sequel that he has dreamed of making for several years now. Until now, Disney’s monopoly over LucasArts studios had never given it the chance.

A long journey

Ron Gilbert already expressed on Twitter in 2016 his desire to recover his beloved license from the hands of Disney, after the closure in 2013 of the studio holding the rights to Monkey Island, LucasArts.

Without news for 6 years, the studio LucasArts finally rises from its ashes in 2021 under the name of LucasFilm Gamesbringing a glimmer of hope to Monkey Island fans.

On April 4, 2022, the news finally falls, Monkey Island is definitely backand the developers offered on this occasion a teaser as well as an official site for the future point’n click adventure game among pirates.

A desire to restore the license

This time, every effort is required to celebrate the return of Guybrush and LeChuck. Ron Gilbert would like to forget the cursed episodes of the series, starting with Tales of Monkey Island by Telltale released in 2009.

The cast of the game then signs the return of the original voice by Guybrush Threepwood, Dominic Armato, as well as original game composers Clint Bajakian, Michael Land and Peter McConnel for even more nostalgia. It remains to be hoped that Paolo Domingo, who lends his voice to the French version of the pirate, will also return to satisfy French fans.

It is important to note that this game however will not erase from the canon the third episode Curse of Monkey Island in which Gilbert had not participated, he declared on Twitter following the announcement of this new episode: “Monkey Island 3 does not come out of canon. We have been very careful about this. Murray is present in this game”. Good news for the players of the first hour, especially since the grumpy skull already offers a title role in this first trailer, not hesitating to mock the creator of the license with humor and emblematic self-mockery of the saga.

See you during 2022 to find out what the pirates of Monkey Island reserved for players in this new adventure that was not long overdue. For the moment, no release date, nor even a platform have been announced.

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