Mike Myers revives rumors about a fourth opus

Mike Myers revives rumors about a fourth opus

Yes No Maybe. Mike Myers maintains the mystery on the return of Austin Powers to the cinema.

Austin Powers is to parody what james bond is espionage: a reference. While he is currently promoting his new series, which is released today on Netflix, Mike Myers has revived rumors of a fourth installment of the adventures of the craziest of spies.

During a podcast appearance The Jess Cagle Show, Mike Myers delivered a rather ambiguous answer as to the possibility of seeing Austin Powers again soon on our screens. As usual, the troublemaker has not really confirmed or denied these rumors. Preferring to play on the gray area.

“I can neither confirm nor deny the existence or non-existence of such a project, whether it exists or not. This is an unconfirmed confirmation confirmation.”

Launched in 1997, the franchise Austin Powers reported nearly $67 million at the box office with the first installment. Quickly, the studios decided to devote two sequels to it, which were rather appreciated by the public and the critics.

In 1967, Austin Powers was a fashion photographer by day and a secret agent by night. He travels back in time to pursue his enemy, Doctor Hell, and finds himself immersed in the heart of the 90s. A thinly disguised parody of James Bond that is a mine of memes.

An absurd comedy on Netflix

Before knowing if Austin Powers will return to our screens, Mike Myers offers us a new opportunity to dive into his delirious universe. This Thursday May 5he unveils his series called The Pentaverate on Netflix.

This time, he slips into the shoes of a journalist who investigates a secret society that has been trying to influence world events for the good of all since the Black Death in 1347. In his perilous mission, to make burst the truth, this reporter will cross paths with colorful characters, some of whom he will also portray.

The actor and screenwriter has his work cut out since he plays no less than eight characters on screen. He will play opposite Ken Jeong, the inimitable Senor Chang of CommunityKeegan-Michael Key (Key and Peele) as well as Debi Mazar (Happy).

It is Jeremy Irons, who will transport the spectators into this preposterous story since he will play the narrators throughout season 1. Behind the camera, it is Tim Kirkby who works, after having worked on flea bag and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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