Marvel reboot loses director

Marvel reboot loses director

Jon Watts needs a little break after bringing all three Spider-Man adventures to the movies.

Too many superheroes kill the superhero. After making the trilogy Spiderman at Sony and Marvel, Jon Watts had to tackle another equally cult license. The director was to stage the re-reading of the adventures of the Fantastic 4, recorded a little less than a year ago in the video Marvel celebrates cinema.

A particularly mysterious project for the studios, which have not yet shared any details besides the presence of Jon Watts behind the camera. From now on, it is the total vagueness around the feature film. According to Deadline, the filmmaker would have finally decided to hand over. According to information from the American media, no grievance with the house of ideas is to be reported. Watts is hoping to just take some distance from the heroes in capes and tights.

Kevin Feige also wanted to salute his performances on the saga with Tom Holland in the title role.

“Collaborating with Jon on the Spider-Man movies has been a real pleasure. We were eager to continue our work with him on Fantastic 4, but understand and support their reasons for walking away. We are optimistic we will have the opportunity to work together again.”

Spider-Man 4 will also have to change lanes?

A few days before the release of No Way Home on our screens, Marvel and Sony already entrusted work on the continuation of the adventures of Peter Parker. If the tradition is that each hero of the house of ideas sees himself devote three feature films, Sony cannot do without such a financial windfall and plans to bring back the character camped by Tom Holland on our screens.

As a reminder, Spider-Man: No Way Home garnered no less than $1.8 billion at the global box office. A simply incredible score which allows it to establish itself as the most profitable opus in the history of the weaver of webs.

We could imagine that Jon Watts would gladly return for a sequel, we can’t really count on it anymore. Yes Spider Man 4 (with Tom Holland) there is, it will probably be necessary to count on a new director to put this project into images. That’s good, Sam Raimi is just looking for a new film to make.

During a press conference, the filmmaker spoke about the abortive continuation of his saga with Tobey Maguire and his desire to return very quickly behind the camera. His love for the character has not changed, we can imagine that Sony and Marvel are trying to offer him a new foray into the universe. These are obviously only assumptions, it will probably be necessary to wait a while before knowing more.

At a time when Kevin Feige is already beginning to work on the next ten years of his Marvel Cinematic Universe, we can nevertheless expect some upheavals and announcements over the coming months.

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