Luc Besson takes a look at horror

Luc Besson takes a look at horror

It might sound like an April Fool’s joke, but the season has passed. Luc Besson’s saga does offer a foray into horror, overseen by the director himself.

Arthur and the Invisibles is one of his sagas whose existence we had almost forgotten, but which nevertheless had a huge success when they came out. 12 years after the third and last film, the universe is about to return to our screens. A spin-off is due to hit theaters next June, but beware, it won’t be in everyone’s hands.

This time, the production will borrow from the horror genre, to tell the story of a teenager passionate about the animated films of Luc Besson. For her birthday, her best friends surprise her by taking her to the abandoned house used for the filming.

None of them suspects that they are heading towards a Machiavellian and deadly trap. What was once a childhood dream will soon turn into a real nightmare….

Producer Luc Besson

Written and produced by Luc Besson himself, Curse Arthur will be directed by Barthélémy Grossman. The director notably worked on season 2 of The guys on Canal+. He thus operates a radical change of register with this film in found footage.

This cinematographic principle consists in presenting the film as a compilation of sequences shot by the protagonists on their shoulders. Most often, the starting point is the discovery of these videos by another protagonist. A subjective camera process primarily used for horror, as with Blair Witch just to name him.

Some comedies have also used found footage, such as Project X which plunged us into the heart of a drunken evening among students.

Not for children

Yes Arthur and the Invisibles had made cherubs his target audience, Luc Besson seems to have understood that they have grown up in ten years. The producer thus hopes to attract them to theaters with this horrifying re-reading. It remains to be seen if the film will succeed in imposing itself on the public.

The teaser is still quite mysterious, the trailer due out in the next few days should help us better understand the challenges of this production that no one really expected. And if not, go to the cinema on next june 29 to discover Arthur, Curse.

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