Lego and Epic Games announce a mysterious partnership for a new game

Lego and Epic Games announce a mysterious partnership for a new game

Epic Games and Lego are teaming up to create a game with a mysterious concept, which could compete with Roblox in the field of metaverses.

Epic Games has been making announcements lately. After officially unveiling its Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine, the firm is teaming up with another big name in the entertainment field for an unprecedented partnership. This is Lego, which already has a very good experience in video games, as evidenced by the latest event release Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

In a press release, we learn that this collaboration, to say the least sudden and mysterious, concerns the creation of a new game, possibly related to the metaverse. The latter aspires to be a place designed for children, in which they will have “access to tools that will enable them to become confident creators and provide them with extraordinary opportunities for play in a safe and positive space.

What will the Lego x Epic Games game look like?

For many, a metaverse-like service game, combined with the Lego graphic universe, should normally look like Roblox 2.0. Moreover, the discourse of the two firms on the importance of child safety is not insignificant, knowing that it is one of the points which is most reproached to Roblox itself.

However, nothing tells us that this will be the case. The project still seems too early for us to know precisely what it will look like or what content it will have. We can nevertheless imagine that the players will be able to embody characters in the effigy of the Lego figurines. Since the two companies mention the metaverse, the game will undoubtedly be accessible online to allow players from all over the world to connect virtually in the same space.

Lego succeeds in its digital shift

90 years old, the Lego company tends more and more to diversify its activities, to be part of the digital age. While it might have been tricky for a physical toymaker, Lego knew how to take this turn at the right time and looks like it’s sticking with it. In the press release, we can read:

The LEGO Group and Epic Games will combine their vast experience to ensure that this next iteration of the internet is designed from the ground up with the well-being of children in mind. The company is a leader in defining safe digital gaming experiences for children, including the development of an industry-standard Child Digital Safety Policy with UNICEF and the 2016 launch of the first live moderated social app for kids.”

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