Intel suspends business operations in Russia

Intel suspends business operations in Russia

A month after the cessation of sales in Russia and Belarus, Intel announces the suspension of its activities in Russia. A way for the giant to take a stand as the war continues in Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine is still on and many companies are choosing to stop operating in Russia. Intel is one of these companies and the firm has already chosen to suspend sales to its customers in Russia and Belarus. It has decided to go even further by announcing the suspension of all its commercial activities in Russia. “Intel continues to join the global community in condemning Russia’s war on Ukraine and calling for a speedy return to peace”, the company said in a statement. The founder adds that he strives “to support all [ses] employees in this difficult situation, including [ses] 1,200 employees in Russia ».

Intel says it has “put in place business continuity measures to minimize disruption to our global operations”. As the TechCrunch site recalls, several technology companies have taken action in Russia. Apple interrupted its sales after the invasion of Ukraine, like AMD or Adobe. Music giant Spotify has meanwhile decided to close its offices in Russia; drawing a line under its paying subscribers from the country led by Vladimir Putin. Conversely, Russian companies that operate in other countries, such as Kaspersky, are now blacklisted in the United States.

After Sales Halt, Intel Suspends Business Operations in Russia

On the Intel side, this is a second step for the group which has just launched its Core i9-12900K. ” That [la suspension des activités en Russie] follows our earlier decision to suspend all deliveries to our customers in Russia and Belarus”, explains the semiconductor manufacturer. This decision comes as Intel has just made its Arc GPUs available; an important step for a firm jostled for a few years by its eternal rival AMD in the processor segment.

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