In two months, Russia has become the favorite target of hackers

In two months, Russia has become the favorite target of hackers

It is the watered sprinkler. Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Russia has been the target of a large number of computer attacks, carried out by a very active Ukrainian “IT Army” and countless hackers.

Not a day goes by without Russia’s digital infrastructure being subjected to computer attacks. Volunteers, grouped within the Ukrainian “IT army”, relentlessly pound Russian websites via denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

The Ukrainian IT Army on the attack

Online payment services, ministries, airlines, meal delivery platforms, streaming operators… No one is spared, the objective of these soldiers in the shadows being to disrupt daily life as much as possible. in Russia.

Since February 24, the first day of the war in Ukraine, the aggressor has been caught in the fire of large-scale computer attacks, according to figures communicated by Kaspersky. It is recalled that this antivirus publisher of Russian origin has been blacklisted by the American FCC for a few weeks. In Germany, authorities have also advised against the security software.

And the Ukrainian “IT Army” is not the only one on the front. Many hackers around the world are involved in attacks against Russian websites and online infrastructure. DDoS attacks are regularly organized, but ransomware is also launched with the same targets, while bug hunters track down the loopholes in which malware can infiltrate to do the maximum damage.

Everyone can participate: Ukrainian companies have developed a clone of the game 2048 which allows anyone to launch a DDoS attack! No need for technical background, just play. For Russia, this is a reversal of the situation: until now, many computer attacks have come from the country. This doesn’t mean the Russian hackers have stopped their misdeeds, it’s just that the Kremlin has tied a target behind their backs.


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