in April, your trophies can earn you gifts

in April, your trophies can earn you gifts

For the month of April, Sony wants to reward you with gifts for players who win trophies. Discover how to do it.

Trophies on PlayStation are an aspect that many players value, especially for the most complete among you. If recovering a platinum trophy is not always easy, Sony today wants to encourage its players by offering them real winnings.

Indeed, on Twitter, the firm announces that this month of April, those who unlock certain specific trophies, will be able to try to win gifts. How to participate and which trophies are concerned? The answer below.

Almost like Sony games

In his tweet, Sony couldn’t be clearer: “We wanted to make trophy hunting cooler, so we decided to offer you gifts if you unlock ours.” You will therefore have to play games from PlaySation Studios to benefit from this program, or at least certain PlayStation console exclusives. In the list we therefore find titles such asHorizon Forbidden West or SIFU.

This month, the trophies concerned are therefore the following: Successful long glide flight (Horizon Forbidden West), Waterfall Master (SIFU), Instant cooking (Tales of Arise) and Picker (Godfall). We therefore suspect that the operation will above all serve the studio to promote its home games and increase the playing time on its consoles.

How to participate?

To claim your due, you will need to share a screenshot of the unlocked trophy on Twitter, remembering to mention the PlayStation France account and affix the hashtag #ExtraTrophées. For the moment, this process remains a little vague and we do not yet know what the gifts will be offered, if they will be offered to all those who participated or if a few people will be drawn.

It’s also unclear if trophies won before April also count. For example, many people have unlocked the trophies of Tales of Arise orHorizon Forbidden West from the first weeks after their release. Will their victory still be counted? Sony still needs to clear up some important points.

Be aware, however, that this special operation should last several months, from April to July. You will therefore have multiple opportunities to try to win something. We already imagine that the trophies and the games concerned will change monthly to cover a wider range of players.

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