How to make WhatsApp less intrusive?

How to make WhatsApp less intrusive?

As efficient as it is, the Whatsapp messaging application has the annoying tendency to stuff your phone’s memory with files that you often don’t need to do. We explain how to prevent it from automatically saving photos and videos on your smartphone, and even saving anything at all.

In the kingdom of instant messaging applications, WhatsApp occupies a prominent place. Like competing apps, WhatsApp allows you to communicate with family, friends and colleagues, as well as to send each other many images and videos. All that you know, we don’t teach you anything.

What you may not know, however, is that this rascal WhatsApp has the unfortunate tendency to save all the media you receive via its service in the memory of your smartphone. Which will quickly saturate it.

Worse still, the messaging app can also back up your conversations to the cloud, via your Google Drive or iCloud accounts. So, yes, it can be useful if one day you need to find a conversation, but this backup is not encrypted, and the #Celebgate in 2014 proved that cloud services can be vulnerable.

No need to panic though, because here are the steps to follow to disable the permanent backup of shared media, as well as the storage of past conversations.

Prevent photos and videos from being saved

At first, open the WhatsApp application. Next, click on the three dots at the top right, then select “Settings” (till then, nothing rocket science).

Go to the “Data and storage usage” tab. Here, go down to the heading “Download. Auto. media”, then click on “Using mobile data”. There, uncheck all the boxes. Repeat the operation in the “Wi-Fi connected” and “While roaming” windows. Exit WhatsApp, and voila, the change is confirmed.

Prevent Cloud Backups

First step on an Android smartphone: open WhatsApp. Then head to the three dots at the top right of the screen and select “Settings.”

Click on the “Chat” tab, then “Backup Discussions.” In the “Google Drive Settings” category, open the “Backup to Google Drive” tab and click “Never”.

If you are an iPhone owner, the steps to follow do not require Bac+6 either. Open WhatsApp to get started. Head to the “Settings” tab then the “Discussions” category. There, select “Backup Chats”, then “Auto Backup”. Disable it and you will now be at peace.

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