how does Moscow accuse Ukraine of staging its deaths?

how does Moscow accuse Ukraine of staging its deaths?

In the midst of the Ukrainian invasion, Russia now accuses Volodymyr Zelensky of staging the massacre of civilians.

Since the start of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the fight has been played out both on the ground and on the web. Attacks by Anonymous are on the rise as the group has declared cyberwar on the Kremlin, and the information war is also being played out on social media.

The Boucha massacre? Staged

It’s not just the West that uses social media to make its voice heard. Since the discovery at the beginning of the month of several dozen dead bodies in Boutcha, in the suburbs of Kiyv, Russia denies accusations of “genocide” spoken by Volodymyr Zelensky. In addition to rejecting all responsibility for the war crimes of which it is accused by the international community, the Kremlin is now crying conspiracy and staging.

Relying in particular on a report broadcast a few days ago on Ukrainian television and then on social networks, the government of Vladimir Putin denies any involvement in the Boutcha massacre. Massacre which, moreover, would only be a vast staging. For “evidence” advances the Kremlin, the presence of a supposedly dead civilian who would raise his hand as the camera passes, confirming the staging in passing. Debunked on Twitter, the extract in question actually shows a single drop of water on the window of the vehicle where the cameraman is.

Same observation for a second “proof” advanced by Russia, about a supposed corpse rising after the passage of Ukrainian trucks. It is again a simple optical illusion linked to the deformation of the mirror.

Still in its disinformation operation, Russia also massively disseminated images proving the staging of fake corpses in the streets. Too bad, it was in fact the preparation of a fiction series shot in Saint Petersburg on March 20reports the Twitter account Star Debunker, specialized in fact-checking. Despite the evidence, Russia continues to hammer home its non-involvement through its Ministry of Defense and Foreign Affairs, but also via Telegram and Twitter: “All the photos and videos published by the kyiv regime allegedly testifying to certain “crimes” committed by Russian forces in Bucha are just another provocation”.

This is not the first time that Moscow has used the idea of ​​a Ukrainian staging to clear customs. However, Putin’s government was able to find a certain echo in this rhetoric among truthers and other pro-Russian supporters.

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