he finishes the game without attacking anyone

he finishes the game without attacking anyone

Unusual speedruns are all the rage in Elden Ring, and the latest features a player who managed to finish the game without attacking a single enemy.

Unlike Will Smith lately, some people advocate pacifism in all circumstances. This is the case of a player on Elden Ring, who has just achieved an extraordinary feat. Indeed, he managed to finish the From Software game, without attacking a single one of the enemies of the title. Knowing that some bosses are mandatory, you have to wonder how he could have accomplished this feat.

In fact, Iron Pineapple used one of the features enabled by Elden Ring : summoning. In each important fight, the player summoned spirits that struck the boss in his place, and that he kept alive by providing them with magical healing. He therefore never damaged the life bar of his enemies in a direct way. Although easier, the fights have therefore become very long, which is why this pacifist speedrun took him a lot of time.

If we are not particularly fond of the difficulty of the fights in games like Elden Ringwe will admit that this task seems even more tedious and complicated than rolling up your sleeves and confronting your enemy once and for all with the means at hand.

But it at least had the merit of contradicting, with supporting evidence, the statements of the game’s creators, who claimed before the release ofElden Ring that the fights were inevitable and that “it would necessarily be necessary to kill some enemies to reach the end of the game. If this is a roundabout way of doing it, it must be admitted that the method of Iron Pineapple has fun with some fundamental notions.

Atypical speedruns that are worth the detour

Even harder, another player managed to finish the game without taking a single damage throughout their game. If it had already been done with battle damage, Seki managed to take no falling or poison damage. Just like Iron Pineapple, the streamer had to practice a lot before achieving a perfect result.

If in total the speedrun itself lasts 3 short hours, it will have taken him more than 130 hours of training beforehand. That’s why his record comes so late after the game’s release. Obviously, it was the end boss that gave him the most trouble, although he still managed to finish him off.

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